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Shi Nai'an
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Song Jiang not allowed to lead the attack on the Northern Capital?
(a) His wound has not yet healed.
(b) He is in prison.
(c) The bandits have kicked him out of their group.
(d) The bandits prefer to be led by Wu Yong.

2. Why does an emissary come to visit Song Jiang just before the troops attack Hangzhou?
(a) To tell them of their new rank in the empire.
(b) To take Dr. An to the emperor.
(c) To tell them to stop the attack.
(d) To tell them more troops are coming.

3. Who is chosen to lead the mass?
(a) Gongsun Sheng.
(b) Li Kui.
(c) Lu Da.
(d) Doctor An.

4. What is Li Kui to do if Wu Yong shakes his head?
(a) To start a fire.
(b) Not to move.
(c) To come to his aid.
(d) To attack.

5. Who caught Chao Gai's killer?
(a) Song Jiang.
(b) Xi Bao.
(c) Lu Junyi.
(d) Li Kui.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many men does Xu Ning teach to use the barbed lance?

2. After the Liao forces are defeated, how many of the original chieftains remain?

3. What phrase in the second amnesty offer keeps the bandits from accepting this offer?

4. Who had secretly made up his mind to surrender to Song's forces?

5. What word is inscribed on Dai Zong's flag?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Song Jiang do to memorialize Song Wan?

2. Why do the officials decide to go ahead with the yearly lantern festival?

3. How does Song Jiang suggest the bandits fight as they are preparing for attack?

4. Under what stipulations is Li Kui allowed to go with Wu Yong to persuade Lu Junyi to join the bandits?

5. What does Shao Jun tell Song Jiang?

6. Why does Song Jiang give Li Kui poisoned wine?

7. How does Jin Jie's wife advise him to tell Song Jiang of his plans to surrender.

8. How does Tang Long suggest that the bandits lure Xu Ning to their stronghold so he can teach them to fight with barbed lances?

9. How was the commanding general of the seven cavalry troops in the Liao army dressed?

10. What does Song Jiang decide to do in order to celebrate the completion of the 108 chieftains?

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