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Shi Nai'an
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Wu Song not swear that he will kill?
(a) Jiang the Gate Guard Giant.
(b) Shi En.
(c) General Zhang.
(d) Commandant Zhang.

2. What was the amount of the gift that Song's prison superintendent expected?
(a) Five ounces of silver.
(b) Five strings of cash.
(c) Five ounces of gold.
(d) Five pieces of silver.

3. Who becomes leader of Liangshan Marsh?
(a) Song Wan.
(b) Wu Yong.
(c) Lin Chong.
(d) Chao Gai.

4. What happens to Li Kui's mother?
(a) She starves.
(b) She is dead when he gets home.
(c) She is eaten by tigers.
(d) She has a heart attack.

5. Who does Song Jiang tell the bandits not to harm in Chapter 35?
(a) Liu Gao's family.
(b) The monks.
(c) Local people or soldiers in the fort.
(d) The women of the village.

6. What is the Divine Teacher disguised as?
(a) A lion.
(b) A snake.
(c) A tiger.
(d) A cowherd.

7. Why does Gongsun Sheng leave the bandits?
(a) To take care of his mother.
(b) He is angry with Chao Gai.
(c) To go after supplies.
(d) To take care of his father.

8. What does Dai Zong tie to his legs to travel so quickly?
(a) Hot peppers.
(b) Dogs.
(c) Pictures of gods.
(d) Knives.

9. Who is killed during the attack on Zhu Family Village?
(a) Sun Li.
(b) Song Jiang.
(c) Luan Tingyu.
(d) Li Kui.

10. What does Lin Chong do to the two men who set him up?
(a) Kills them.
(b) Takes them to court.
(c) Makes peace with them.
(d) Takes them as prisoners.

11. Of what does Civilian Commandant Lui's wife accuse Song Jiang?
(a) Rescuing her.
(b) Kidnapping her.
(c) Seducing her.
(d) Robbing her.

12. Where do Shi Xiu and Yang Xiong decide to take refuge?
(a) Liangshan Marsh.
(b) They turn themselves in.
(c) Precious Pearl Monastery.
(d) The East Capitol.

13. Which paths does Song Jiang learn will take him safely to the Zhu Family Village?
(a) The crooked ones.
(b) The broad ones.
(c) The ones with lanterns.
(d) The ones with white poplars.

14. What does Song Jiang give as his name when he is arrested at the lantern festival?
(a) Song Jiang.
(b) Whang Song.
(c) Zhang San.
(d) Lu Da.

15. Who saves Song and Dai from being killed?
(a) The Precious Pearl bandits.
(b) The governor.
(c) The Liangshan Marsh bandits.
(d) The prefect.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Wu Song respond to Golden Lotus' advancements?

2. Why do the Ruan brothers think that Wu Yong has come to visit them?

3. Where do the bandits of the Precious Pearl Monastery plan to go?

4. What does Yang plan to sell for money?

5. Why will Li Ting not see Song Jiang or accept his gifts.

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