Objects & Places from Water Margin

Shi Nai'an
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Era of Three Abundances

This time period covered 27 years, consisting of three nine-year periods, in which the people enjoyed great happiness. These years occurred during the reign of Ren Zong who was emperor for 42 years.

Suppression of Demons Hall

This object was a place on the Taoist compound where 108 demons were imprisoned until Marshal Hong ordered these spirits be released.

Shi Family Village

It is in this place that Wang Jin and his mother take refuge.


This is the town where Shi Jin meets Lu Da.

Pan Family Tavern

Li Zhong, Lu Da and Shi Jin have tea at this place. Also, they meet Lotus and her father and hear their story here.

Zhuangyuan Bridge

It is at the foot of this place that Master Zhong has his butcher shop.


This is the name of the city in which Lu Da learns the charges against him...

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