Daily Lessons for Teaching Water Margin

Shi Nai'an
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


Water Margin is a complex novel with multitudes of characters. Keeping these characters differentiated from one another is made even more complex because they are unfamiliar, Chinese names. In this lesson, students will learn a little bit about Chinese nomenclature as well as devise as way to keep up with the many characters and their roles in the novel.


1) Lecture - Teacher should prepare a lesson about Chinese nomenclature. How are Chinese names different from American names? (Family name is listed first and given name second in Chinese nomenclature while it is vice versa in American nomenclature.)

2) Class discussion - Teacher should lead students into a discussion of a good way for students to make this myriad of Chinese names included in this novel make sense to them. One suggestion might be to find English translations of each Chinese name. For instance, the name Song...

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