Water Margin Fun Activities

Shi Nai'an
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Make a Chinese lantern

Using information found on the Internet, make a Chinese lantern, such as the ones that might be used in Chinese lantern festivals.

Colorful Characters

There are many colorful characters that take part in this novel. Choose one of these characters to draw what you think this character might have looked like based on descriptions found in the novel.

Design a Costume

Characters in this novel often dress in the clothes of priests, monks or beggars in order to disguise themselves. Research what these costumes might have looked like and design one, either on paper or an actual outfit.

Build a Model

Based on the description of the Liangshan Marsh stronghold in the novel, make a model of what you think the compound might have looked like. This model can be drawn on paper or constructed with modeling clay or other materials as a three...

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