Water Margin Character Descriptions

Shi Nai'an
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Song Jiang - This character would probably be considered to be the main character of this novel. He worked as a clerk before joining the bandits.

Chao Gai - This character was the ward chief of East Bank Village before he became one of the bandits. He is killed when he is struck in the face by a poisoned arrow shot by Shi Wengong.

Lu Junyi - This character, who avenges Chao Gai's death, is tricked by the bandits into visiting the Liangshan Marsh stronghold and becoming a bandit.

Marshal Hong Xin - This character is the official chosen to take the edict to Zhang the Divine Teacher asking that the people be healed. While he is visiting the monastery where Zhang lives, he insists that the Hall of the Suppressed Demons be opened so that he can see what a demon looks like.

Gao Qiu -...

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