Water Margin Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Shi Nai'an
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Chapters 1-5

• Chapter 1

• Marshall Hong demands that the Suppression of Demons Hall be opened and releases 108 demons into the world.

• Chapter 2

• Gao Qui is banished from his home city but catches the eye of Prince Duan who takes Gao into his service.

• Gao calls his officers to pay respect to him but Wang Jin is sick and doesn't come.

• Wang Jin and his mother run away because they are afraid Gao will kill Wang.

• Wang Jin teaches Shi Jin proper weapon technique with 18 different weapons.

• Shi Jin decides to go after the bandits on Mount Shaohua after his father dies.

• Instead of killing the bandits, Shi Jin becomes friends with them.

• Chapter 3 - Shi Jin kills Li Ji and Wang the Fourth.

• Shi Jin goes in search of Wang Jin but instead meets up with Lu Da.

• Lu Da accidentally kills Master Zheng in an attempt to win...

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