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Short Answer Questions

1. Jasper is confused by what, at the end of Chapter 10?

2. What makes Mrs. Brown angry during the collage making in Chapter 7?

3. What derogatory name was Dr. Piedmont called as a kid?

4. What do the boys wear to graduation?

5. What title does Pat Conroy give himself after trouble starts with Mrs. Brown?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Pat Conroy struggling with at the beginning of Chapter 10?

2. In Chapter 8, why does the administration refuse to let Pat Conroy speak at the school board meeting?

3. Why does Pat Conroy get fired at the beginning of Chapter 11?

4. What is the reaction of the children to the domestic violence on the island?

5. Why is Mrs. Brown's reaction to Prophet hanging from the water tank in the bathroom shocking?

6. Why does Mrs. Brown carry a gun?

7. Why is domestic violence common on the island?

8. How does Pat Conroy's popularity as a teacher affect Mrs. Brown?

9. Why does Pat Conroy lose his job permanently?

10. Why do the people on Yamacraw Island drink?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Create a personality portrait of Pat Conroy.

1) What does he look like physically?

2) What is his history?

2) What does he plan to accomplish at Yamacraw?

Essay Topic 2

Create a detailed portrait of the educational opportunities offered to the blacks on Yamacraw island.

1) What is the state of education?

2) What public resources are available, and are they ironic?

3) How can the residents of Yamacraw put into practice the education they receive?

Essay Topic 3

Create an argument for or against the intelligence of the children on Yamacraw Island, citing examples from the text.

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