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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Pat Conroy visits Mrs. Brown at home, she surprises him by doing what?
(a) Crying with joy.
(b) Cooking him dinner.
(c) Pointing a gun at him.
(d) Kissing him.

2. In Chapter 8, the administration fights with Pat Conroy about what?
(a) The gasoline bill for the commuter boat.
(b) His request for better supplies.
(c) Assigning Mrs. Brown as principal.
(d) The test scores of the students.

3. How did Pat Conroy feel about the kids on Yamacraw Island?
(a) He was afraid of them.
(b) He was jealous of them.
(c) He liked them.
(d) He despised them.

4. The islanders fear what, if Pat Conroy no longer teaches on the island?
(a) "The girls will have broken hearts."
(b) "The boys will get violent."
(c) "The island will go down."
(d) "He will turn to drinking."

5. To get the school board to listen to him, Pat Conroy does what?
(a) Cuts his hair.
(b) Writes notes.
(c) Prays.
(d) Records the presentation.

6. Immediately following his dismissal, Pat Conroy believes Dr. Piedmont and Bennington are what?
(a) "Sympathetic to the kids."
(b) "Understandable figures."
(c) "Pompous and stupid."
(d) "Evil incarnate."

7. In Chapter 12, Pat Conroy thinks what held him back from helping Yamacraw kids?
(a) His lack of interest.
(b) History.
(c) His financial situation.
(d) His ego.

8. In the spring, what luxury is given to the school house?
(a) Running water.
(b) Flower planting.
(c) Air conditioning.
(d) Heat.

9. What does Pat Conroy raise money for by working at the Desegregation Center?
(a) Food for the islanders.
(b) A new library.
(c) A school trip to Atlanta.
(d) Coats and gloves.

10. When Pat Conroy is first fired, Dr. Piedmont accuses him of what charge?
(a) Swearing at the students.
(b) Being late to class.
(c) Bribing Mrs. Brown.
(d) Not using the text book.

11. On the river, what natural element scares Pat Conroy?
(a) Fog.
(b) Winds.
(c) Sleet.
(d) Thunderstorms.

12. Who is the tallest basketball player at the Yamacraw school?
(a) Saul.
(b) Jasper.
(c) Oscar.
(d) Top Cat.

13. Yamacraw visitor Dick is from what city?
(a) New York.
(b) Chicago.
(c) Boston.
(d) Los Angeles.

14. In Chapter 10, Mrs. Barnwell tries to take what back from Pat Conroy?
(a) A gun.
(b) The name she called him.
(c) A beer.
(d) A scarf she made him.

15. Pat Conroy feels what issue is changing the South during The Water is Wide?
(a) Integration.
(b) Religion in school.
(c) Global warming.
(d) Hypocritical administration.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pat Conroy want to teach kids during the summer?

2. Who asks Dr. Piedmont what discipline is available for Pat Conroy other than dismissal ?

3. What news does Howard Sedgwick give Pat Conroy in Chapter 11?

4. Who close to Pat Conroy yells at Dr. Piedmont at a board meeting?

5. What does Mrs. Brown tell the children she's tired of after lecturing about hygiene?

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