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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The islanders fear what, if Pat Conroy no longer teaches on the island?
(a) "The island will go down."
(b) "He will turn to drinking."
(c) "The girls will have broken hearts."
(d) "The boys will get violent."

2. In Chapter 8, Zeke and Pat Conroy hit what on the river?
(a) Sharks.
(b) A sandbar.
(c) The coast guard.
(d) A stranded ship.

3. What book reminds Pat Conroy of his animal infestation in Chapter 8?
(a) The Scarlett Letter.
(b) Bambi.
(c) Little House on the Prairie.
(d) 1984.

4. Immediately following his dismissal, Pat Conroy believes Dr. Piedmont and Bennington are what?
(a) "Pompous and stupid."
(b) "Understandable figures."
(c) "Evil incarnate."
(d) "Sympathetic to the kids."

5. In Chapter 8, the administration fights with Pat Conroy about what?
(a) His request for better supplies.
(b) Assigning Mrs. Brown as principal.
(c) The gasoline bill for the commuter boat.
(d) The test scores of the students.

6. In Chapter 12, who does Pat Conroy label "predictably mediocre?"
(a) Bennington.
(b) Dr. Piedmont and Bennington.
(c) Dr. Piedmont.
(d) The kids on Yamacraw Island.

7. In Chapter 12, Pat Conroy realizes who wants acceptance from whites?
(a) Bennington.
(b) Dr. Piedmont.
(c) Pat Conroy.
(d) Mrs. Brown.

8. Pat Conroy wishes for what at the beginning of Chapter 10?
(a) To fix all his students.
(b) For Mrs. Brown to like him.
(c) To get off the island.
(d) To make more money.

9. In Chapter 10, Mrs. Barnwell tries to take what back from Pat Conroy?
(a) A gun.
(b) The name she called him.
(c) A beer.
(d) A scarf she made him.

10. What are the kids most excited about in Washington D.C.?
(a) A museum.
(b) The zoo.
(c) The park.
(d) The White House.

11. Which Italian character sang as part of his lesson to the kids?
(a) Richie.
(b) George.
(c) Peter.
(d) Zeke.

12. Who asks Dr. Piedmont what discipline is available for Pat Conroy other than dismissal ?
(a) Pat Conroy's mother.
(b) Barbara.
(c) Bennington.
(d) The judge.

13. Why does Dr. Piedmont object to Pat Conroy's use of gas for the boat?
(a) It is polluting the waters.
(b) It is dangerous.
(c) The county is paying for it.
(d) It won't get him very far.

14. Who is Pat Conroy's only friend in the administration?
(a) Mr. Randel.
(b) Mr. Bennington.
(c) Mr. Miller.
(d) Dr. Piedmont.

15. When do Pat Conroy and Barbara get married?
(a) July.
(b) September.
(c) October.
(d) August.

Short Answer Questions

1. Zeke jokes Pat Conroy should be careful of what, in the cold?

2. In Chapter 12, Pat Conroy thinks Dr. Piedmont and Bennington are too affected by what?

3. Barbara invites the girls to her house for what holiday?

4. What does Pat Conroy try to prepare his students for in the real world?

5. When Pat Conroy visits Mrs. Brown at home, she surprises him by doing what?

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