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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7 and 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What book reminds Pat Conroy of his animal infestation in Chapter 8?
(a) The Scarlett Letter.
(b) Bambi.
(c) Little House on the Prairie.
(d) 1984.

2. What prevents the group from returning to Yamacraw Island after Halloween?
(a) They arrive in Yamacraw as scheduled.
(b) An injured student.
(c) A missing student.
(d) The weather.

3. In Chapter 8, the administration fights with Pat Conroy about what?
(a) The test scores of the students.
(b) Assigning Mrs. Brown as principal.
(c) His request for better supplies.
(d) The gasoline bill for the commuter boat.

4. What does Pat Conroy like about Mrs. Brown?
(a) Her love for children.
(b) Her humor.
(c) Her intelligence.
(d) Her fearlessness.

5. What method of physical control does Pat Conroy introduce in class?
(a) "Milking the rat."
(b) "Choking the cat."
(c) "Flying the scout."
(d) "Shooting the crow."

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal bites Pat Conroy in Chapter 5?

2. Why are Jim and Joe banned from teaching on Yamacraw Island?

3. How many books were donated to the Yamacraw community center?

4. What does Top Cat do with the tape recorder?

5. Which student is sensitive about being short?

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