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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 and 2)


The Water is Wide is told from the point of view of Pat Conroy, who makes the unusual choice to teach on the predominantly African American island of Yamacraw. This lesson will help the reader analyze Pat Conroy to better understand his point of view.


1. Class discussion: What is the social climate at the beginning of The Water is Wide? How is Pat Conroy affected by this climate? Does Pat Conroy have the opportunity to interact with anyone who is not white? How and when?

2. Group activity: Divide the class into pairs. Assign each pair the following questions: 1. Why does Pat Conroy apply for the Peace Corps? What is the result of his application? 2. Why does Pat Conroy become a teacher? What is his experience like teaching at his school? 3. At what point does Pat Conroy desire change in the first two chapters? What triggers...

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