The Water Is Wide Character Descriptions

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Pat Conroy (Conrack) (C'roy)

This person is the male teacher on Yamacraw Island.

Dr. Henry Piedmont

This person is the Superintendent for the school district in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Ezra Bennington

This person is the Deputy Superintendent of Beaufort County schools.

Mrs. Brown

This Yamacraw Island teacher is a racist.

Barbara Bolling Jones Conroy

This person lives with a Yamacraw Island teacher.

Ted Stone

This person holds several responsibilities on Yamacraw Island.

Lou Stone

This Yamacraw Island postmaster also drives a school bus.

Zeke Skimberry

This Yamacraw Island maintenance man becomes friends with a teacher.

George Garbade, Mike Jones and Bernie Schein

These college friends help Yamacraw children.


This is a nickname is for the students of Yamacraw Island.

Mary, Cindy Lou, Carolina, Ethel

These students often squeal and giggle.

Top Cat, Fred, George, Samuel, Sidney, Saul, Lincoln, Prophe

These students often fight each other for fun...

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