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Chapters 1 and 2

• Pat Conroy asks Dr. Piedmont for permission to teach on Yamacraw Island.

• Dr. Piedmont is thrilled Pat Conroy has volunteered and gives him the assignment.

• The history of Yamacraw Island is revealed.

• Yamacraw Island is underprivileged, has no resources, and is literally disconnected from society.

• Pat Conroy remembers and regrets his racist behavior as a teen.

• Pat remembers his high school friendships and their discussions about Vietnam, society, and life.

• When touring the concentration camps in Germany, Pat Conroy realizes the price of racism.

• Pat Conroy becomes a teacher at a primarily white school.

• Dr. Martin Luther King is murdered and the black students are devastated and angry.

• Pat Conroy makes the decision to do something to fight against racism.

• After trying to start a black history class, Pat Conroy is dismissed as a basketball coach due to accused favoritism of the blacks.

• Pat Conroy begins...

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