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Sara Gruen
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What person in Jacob's life has recently died?
(a) His doctor.
(b) His long time friend.
(c) His child.
(d) His wife.

2. Who is to be Jacob's roommate in his new sleeping quarters?
(a) Earl
(b) Kinko
(c) Camel
(d) Carl

3. Why is class interrupted?
(a) One of the students made a rude remark.
(b) A student let a mouse go in class.
(c) There is a problem with the final exam.
(d) There is a message for Jacob.

4. How does Rosemary react to Jacob's anger over the blinds?
(a) She leaves and re-enters the room as though she has just arrived.
(b) She calls the doctor to increase his medication.
(c) She yells at Jacob for acting so rude.
(d) She calls another nurse to deal with his attitude.

5. What new animal does Uncle Al buy?
(a) An elephant.
(b) A lion.
(c) A llama.
(d) A giraffe.

6. What has changed between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2?
(a) The setting. Chapter 2 takes place in Jacob's past.
(b) The characters. Chapter 2 contains a new main character.
(c) The tone. Chapter 2 begins after a new tragedy in Jacob's life.
(d) The plot. Chapter 2 introduces a new conflict.

7. Who is Uncle Al?
(a) The manager of the animals
(b) The accountant for the circus.
(c) The owner of the circus
(d) The manager of the performers

8. What is Jacob told as he runs toward the big top?
(a) Jacob is told August is looking for him
(b) Jacob is told the police are raiding the train
(c) Jacob is told Marlena has been injured
(d) Jacob is told the animals are stampeding

9. Why does elderly Jacob become annoyed when Rosemary wakes him?
(a) Rosemary has awakened him too late.
(b) Rosemary opens the blinds without asking his permission.
(c) Rosemary is rude in her method to wake him.
(d) Rosemary has awakened him too early.

10. What does Jacob think about as he watches?
(a) If the new dancer could be any worse.
(b) If the new movie is worth watching.
(c) If the circus acts are as good as Marlena's act was.
(d) If the new game is as boring as it looks.

11. Who is August, the man Marlena is speaking to in the prologue?
(a) Jacob's cousin
(b) Marlena's husband
(c) Jacob's brother
(d) Marlena's cousin

12. What is the only thing Jacob is able to take from his parents' home?
(a) His father's gold watch.
(b) His mother's wedding ring.
(c) His mother's cookbook.
(d) His father's car.

13. What does Jacob lament about his current circumstances?
(a) Being too tired to eat an entire meal.
(b) Being old and being treated like a fragile being.
(c) His inablity to argue for arguement's sake.
(d) His inability to stay in his wheelchair all day.

14. Who does Jacob think of when he returns to his room?
(a) His children.
(b) His girlfriend whom he left in the dining room with the new resident
(c) His wife of sixty years.
(d) The nurse he has a crush on.

15. What does Jacob do to irritate August when they stop that night?
(a) Jacob insults Uncle Al.
(b) Jacob insults Marlena.
(c) Jacob overrides an order August gave the men.
(d) Jacob refuses to check on Marlena's sick horse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jacob studying at school?

2. What school does Jacob attend?

3. What is jake?

4. Why does Jacob dislike this guest?

5. Who comes to Jacob's defense during his conversation with Uncle Al?

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