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Sara Gruen
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Jacob ill in Chapter 7?
(a) The meat has spoiled.
(b) The smell of alcohol is overwhealming after a night of drinking.
(c) The sweet grain smells too sweet.
(d) The heat irritates his hangover.

2. Who owns the sick horse Jacob is to examine in Chapter 6?
(a) August, the animal manager.
(b) Marlena, August's wife and the beautiful woman Jacob saw the day before.
(c) Uncle Al and the circus.
(d) Camel and Kinko the Clown.

3. Where does Jacob go when he hears the music change?
(a) Jacob rushes to the big top
(b) Jacob runs toward town
(c) Jacob runs away from the big top
(d) Jacob rushes to the train

4. What punishment does August give Jacob?
(a) August makes Jacob feed the big cats causing him to be bitten by a toothless lion.
(b) August tells Jacob to polish his boots.
(c) August forces Jacob to leave the train.
(d) August forces Jacob to muck out the animal stalls.

5. Why does Jacob dislike this guest?
(a) The guest is disrespectful to Jacob.
(b) He knows he is lying and he is jealous of the attention he is getting.
(c) He dislikes braggarts.
(d) He remembers this person from his own youth.

6. What animal is Jacob to examine the following morning?
(a) A horse.
(b) A giraffe.
(c) A monkey.
(d) A llama.

7. What job is Jacob given next, after Camel decides his first job with the circus was beneath him?
(a) Security at a cooch show.
(b) Directing customers to the sideshows.
(c) Feeding the big cats.
(d) Cleaning up in the cookhouse.

8. Why can Jacob not change his clothes the next morning?
(a) Kinko has thrown all of Jacob's clothes away.
(b) Camel needs Jacob's help.
(c) Kinko blocks his access to their room.
(d) The horse needs immediate attention.

9. What does Marlena ask Jacob when they meet in Chapter 7?
(a) To tell her the truth about his feelings for her.
(b) To tell her the truth about her horse.
(c) To help her leave August.
(d) To protect her from August and Uncle Al.

10. Why does Jacob go to Marlena and August's car in Chapter 7?
(a) Jacob wants to give August and Marlena an update on the sick horse.
(b) Jacob wants to apologize to August.
(c) Jacob is to have dinner with Marlena and August.
(d) Jacob wants to see Marlena again.

11. What does the new resident say that upsets Jacob?
(a) That he got to perform at the circus because of his days carrying water for elephants.
(b) That he got an upgrade on his circus ticket because of his days carrying water for elephants.
(c) That he got a free ticket because of his days carrying water for elephants.
(d) That he got free popcorn and souvenirs for his days carrying water for elephants.

12. What is jake?
(a) Distilled whiskey
(b) Moonshine
(c) Rice gin
(d) Jamaican ginger extract

13. Why does Jacob take a train home?
(a) His parents can no longer afford his tuition.
(b) Jacob has been kicked out of school for poor grades.
(c) Jacob has been kicked out of school for disciplinary reasons.
(d) His parents were killed in a car crash.

14. Who wakes elderly Jacob in Chapter 5?
(a) His son.
(b) The new resident.
(c) Rosemary, the nurse.
(d) His wife.

15. Why has Jacob come to live at the assisted-living center?
(a) His family felt he could not live alone anymore and none of them could take him in.
(b) Jacob lost his house in a foreclosure and had no where else to go.
(c) Jacob did not want to live with any of his children.
(d) Jacob did not want to live alone anymore.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jacob risk by helping Marlena with her horse?

2. What does Jacob complain to the nurse about?

3. What animal appears to be missing from the circus?

4. Why does a customer attack the sideshow barker?

5. What does Jacob recommend be done for the horse?

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