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Sara Gruen
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Uncle Al announce to the circus crew and performers?
(a) They are going bankrupt.
(b) They are moving on sooner than expected.
(c) They are going to be making cutbacks.
(d) They are adding a new act.

2. What does the new resident say that upsets Jacob?
(a) That he got free popcorn and souvenirs for his days carrying water for elephants.
(b) That he got an upgrade on his circus ticket because of his days carrying water for elephants.
(c) That he got a free ticket because of his days carrying water for elephants.
(d) That he got to perform at the circus because of his days carrying water for elephants.

3. What has Uncle Al pushed the circus to reach?
(a) A prime location for a performance.
(b) A city that is selling zoo animals.
(c) A city that is selling new train cars.
(d) A bankrupt circus whose belongings are being auctioned by the city.

4. What is the only thing Jacob is able to take from his parents' home?
(a) His father's car.
(b) His mother's wedding ring.
(c) His mother's cookbook.
(d) His father's gold watch.

5. What new animal does Uncle Al buy?
(a) A lion.
(b) A llama.
(c) A giraffe.
(d) An elephant.

6. What impresses Jacob about a woman he sees in the menagerie tent in Chapter 3?
(a) She is extremely beautiful
(b) She is extremely disfigured.
(c) She is extremely hairy
(d) She is extremely fat

7. Who is Marlena, the woman Jacob is looking for in the prologue?
(a) Jacob's friend
(b) Jacob's girlfriend
(c) Jacob's cousin
(d) Jacob's sister

8. What person in Jacob's life has recently died?
(a) His long time friend.
(b) His wife.
(c) His doctor.
(d) His child.

9. What is Jacob studying at school?
(a) Law
(b) Veterinary Medicine.
(c) Engineering.
(d) Medicine.

10. What does Jacob lament about his current circumstances?
(a) Being old and being treated like a fragile being.
(b) Being too tired to eat an entire meal.
(c) His inablity to argue for arguement's sake.
(d) His inability to stay in his wheelchair all day.

11. Why can Jacob not change his clothes the next morning?
(a) Camel needs Jacob's help.
(b) Kinko blocks his access to their room.
(c) Kinko has thrown all of Jacob's clothes away.
(d) The horse needs immediate attention.

12. Why was Jacob's father unable to pay his mortgage?
(a) The mortgage payments were too high.
(b) He could no longer work due to the depression.
(c) He could no longer work due to an injury.
(d) His clients were unable to pay him in cash.

13. What is Jacob told as he runs toward the big top?
(a) Jacob is told Marlena has been injured
(b) Jacob is told the police are raiding the train
(c) Jacob is told the animals are stampeding
(d) Jacob is told August is looking for him

14. What does Jacob miss about being older?
(a) His freedom.
(b) His health.
(c) His independence.
(d) His young appearance.

15. What does the barker do to reward Jacob?
(a) Gives him money.
(b) Gives him a security job on the cooch show.
(c) Gives him a promise of future aid.
(d) Gives him a promise of a permanant job.

Short Answer Questions

1. What draws Jacob to the window?

2. Where does Jacob end up sitting to eat his dinner?

3. What holds the attention of many of the assisted-living center's residents in Chapter 5?

4. What animal is Jacob to examine the following morning?

5. Who is August, the man Marlena is speaking to in the prologue?

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