Water for Elephants Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sara Gruen
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• Jacob is having lunch at the circus where he works when the signal for trouble is sounded.

• Jacob rushes to the Big Top to find Marlena, someone he clearly cares for.
• Jacob sees someone kill a man,but does not identify this person.

• The scene at the big top happened many years before. Jacob is now an elderly man who has kept secret what he saw that day for many years.

Chapter 1

• Jacob lives in an assisted-living home.

• Jacob becomes excited by something he sees outside the windows of the home.
• Jacob dislikes a new resident who has come to live at the home.

• Jacob is punished when he accuses the new resident of lying about carrying water for elephants in the circus.

Chapter 2

• Jacob is a young veterinary student with few worries until the day he learns his parents were killed in a car accident.

• Jacob...

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