Water by the Spoonful Short Essay - Answer Key

Quiara Alegría Hudes
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1. Explain the significance of Odessa/Haikumom's haiku that she posts on the Addiction Support forum in Scene Two.

Odessa/Haikumom's haiku that she posts to start the day is "if you get restless/buy a hydrangea or rose/water it, wait, bloom" (22). The haiku gets at many themes within the play, including the need for addicts to learn to find excitement and beauty in the small moments of life, the crucial nature of patience, and the need for people to take action when they feel that their lives are stagnating.

2. What does Yazmin say is the reason for her divorce from William and how does that reason reflect a theme of the play?

Yazmin explains to Elliot that one day William woke up and saw Yazmin as just any other stranger walking around on the street. She goes on to say that people can only deal with mediocrity for so long, which reflects the play's theme concerning the need to move on and to shake things up if one's life begins to feel stagnant. The play gets across the idea that though change in these circumstances can be painful and scary, it is nevertheless necessary.

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