Daily Lessons for Teaching Water by the Spoonful

Quiara Alegría Hudes
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Lesson 1 (from Scenes 1-3)


Students will consider the differences between a play and a novel, as well as dissect the ways in which a playwright can get across the text's message using methods a novel cannot.

Since Water by the Spoonful is a play, the only pieces of text students have at their disposal are dialogue and stage directions. As in the study of poetry, the minimal text available to students forces them to ground their analysis in the little text they have in front of them. Every line of dialogue that the co-protagonists Eliot and Yazmin speak, for example, are crucial to defining their characters, the plot, the relationship they have with each other, and the presentation of the play's themes and messages. By investigating the methods a playwright has at her disposal and how these methods show up in Water by the Spoonful, students will learn how the...

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