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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What disturbing news is broadcast on TV?
(a) Russia has invaded Afghanistan and is advancing towards Pakistan.
(b) Pakistan has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.
(c) The United States has invaded Afghanistan and Russia.
(d) Afghanistan has invaded Russia and Pakistan.

2. Who organized and paid for the attack on Adrian Veidt?
(a) Sphenoid Laboratories.
(b) Pyramid Laboratories.
(c) Miramax.
(d) Pyramid Industries.

3. Who compiled the scrapbook?
(a) Hollis Mason.
(b) Walter Kovacs.
(c) Sally Jupiter.
(d) Silhouette.

4. What is specially significant about these documents?
(a) They complete the characterization of Rorshach
(b) They demonstrate the importance of inter-office memos.
(c) They are rich in metaphor and characterization.
(d) They complete the characterization of Dr Long.

5. Who tries to sell something to Bernhard?
(a) Two Jehovah's Witnesses try to sell him The Watchtower.
(b) Two Scientologists try to sell him books by Ron Hubbard.
(c) Nazi punks try to sell him a biography of Himmler.
(d) Two nuns try to sell him News From Fatima.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who interviews Adrian Veidt?

2. What does Laurie find interesting at Dan's home?

3. What can we assume about "The Veidt Method"?

4. According to the article, what do scientists often fail to appreciate?

5. What does this chapter add for the reader/responder?

Short Essay Questions

1. Comment on the importance of this section to the novel as a whole.

2. What is important about the Veidt Method?

3. Explain what is happening in the wider world as Laurie and Dan begin their relationship.

4. Comment on the discontinuing of Nostalgia and its replacement with Millennium perfume.

5. Comment on the importance of this chapter for the novel as a whole.

6. What concrete facts do we learn from this section of the novel?

7. Why is Detective Fine now convinced that Dan is a costumed hero?

8. What new material is provided in this section?

9. In the context of the novel, what function does this section fulfill?

10. According to Dan Dreiberg, what do scientists lack?

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