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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What function does this section perform in the narrative?
(a) Instructs us on postmodernism
(b) Ties up some plot elements.
(c) Adds humor to the story.
(d) Contains an important plot developmemt.

2. With which of The Comedian's beliefs does Veidt now agree?
(a) The world would be happy without conflict and power.
(b) The world revolves around conflict and power.
(c) Rulers should relinquish power and give it to the people.
(d) There should be one world government.

3. What motivated the Nazi punks to attack and kill Hollis Mason?
(a) Detective Fine paid them to do it.
(b) They were inflamed by anti-costumed hero rhetoric in the press.
(c) They were high on drugs.
(d) They were given a contract by a local gangster.

4. Where can "The Veidt Method" often be seen advertised?
(a) On the back cover of Tales of the Black Freighter.
(b) On page 3 of the National Enquirer.
(c) In America Today.
(d) On the back page of The New Frontiersman.

5. What is the paper's attitude to costumed heroes?
(a) It promotes them as being true Americans and patriots.
(b) It promotes them because their exploits make great news.
(c) It condemns their behaviour.
(d) It has a neutral, objective viewpoint.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Dan's flight ship called?

2. What disturbing news is broadcast on TV?

3. What is specially significant about these documents?

4. What significant thing does Jon tell Laurie about himself?

5. In the context of Watchmen, what is a masquerade?

Short Essay Questions

1. Would you agree that the new world order would be a more truthful one?

2. What is the political stance of the New Frontiersman?

3. Comment on the discontinuing of Nostalgia and its replacement with Millennium perfume.

4. Describe what is going on in the prison.

5. In the context of the novel, what function does this section fulfill?

6. How is the importance for Dan of his past costumed hero days conveyed to the reader/responder?

7. Why is Detective Fine now convinced that Dan is a costumed hero?

8. What is Veidt's plan and what do you think are its chances of success?

9. What is important about the Veidt Method?

10. How is this issue's rant connected to the plot of the novel?

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