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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Adrian Veidt's identity as a costumed hero?
(a) Spiderman.
(b) The Winged Wombat.
(c) The Comedian
(d) Ozymandias.

2. What does Laurie realize about Jon?
(a) That he can see into the future.
(b) That he is bald and blue in color.
(c) That he can defeat his enemies.
(d) That he can appear in multiple places simultaneously.

3. How does Veidt survive the assassination attempt?
(a) He catches the bullet.
(b) He hides under a table.
(c) He ducks.
(d) He wears a bullet-proof vest.

4. Hollis became which costumed hero?
(a) Night Owl.
(b) Rorschach.
(c) Captain Metropolis.
(d) Mothman.

5. What opinion does the Professor have of Dr Manhattan's super-powers?
(a) They will make America unpopular.
(b) They are dangerous because Dr Manhattan is unstable.
(c) They will give an enormous advantage to America.
(d) They will cause Russia to attack America.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the shadowy figure that slipped away at the end of the graveside service?

2. Bernard's news-stand is in front of . . . ?

3. How many artists were involved in illustrating the comic?

4. Of what does the Black Freighter protagonist build his raft?

5. Where does Jon meet Laurie?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Jon's story, what is the significance of Janey Slater?

2. Account for the trouble at the TV studios during Dr Manhattan's interview.

3. What was the situation for costumed heroes after the 1950s?

4. What is the main idea of the article presented here?

5. Why did Hollis take the step of becoming a costumed hero?

6. What is Laurence Shexnayder's interest in Sally?

7. There is a great deal of irony in this chapter. Comment on irony relating to the character of Dr Long.

8. What is significant about "The Watchmaker"?

9. What happened to Dollar Bill?

10. How does Chapter 1 conclude?

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