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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dan learned that The Comedian had been distressed about something. What was that?
(a) He had discovered there was a secret base in the desert where writers, scientists and artists did terrible things.
(b) He had been having nightmares about his past.
(c) He had discovered that the world would soon end.
(d) He'd discovered there was an island where writers, scientists and artists did terrible things.

2. What is Dr Malcolm Long's specialty?
(a) He is a forensic analyst.
(b) He is a criminal psychologist.
(c) He is a criminal psychiatrist.
(d) He is is the designer of ink-blot tests.

3. In Arizona, Dr Manhattan retrieves something of value to him. What is this?
(a) An old photo of himself with Janey Slater.
(b) An old photo of himself with Richard Nixon.
(c) The Gordian Knot.
(d) A secret stash of gold.

4. How does Dr Manhatten get to Arizona?
(a) He takes Amtrak.
(b) He flies there in his personal jet.
(c) He teleports there.
(d) He uses superpowers to fly there.

5. Who was the first-ever real-life costumed hero?
(a) Hooded Justice
(b) The Comedian
(c) Captain America.
(d) Superman

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Shexnayder's attitude to the expulsion of Silhouette?

2. What step did Hollis take in 1952?

3. How does Rorschach question likely suspects?

4. What was the weather like for Blake's graveside funeral?

5. What was Rorschach's birth name?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was unusual about the case of Night Owl?

2. What was the outcome for the other costumed heroes after their appearances before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee?

3. In which state was Hollis Mason born?

4. Account for the trouble at the TV studios during Dr Manhattan's interview.

5. Why was the Keene Act passed?

6. What happens when Rorschach gets into Blake's apartment?

7. Who is Dr Manhattan?

8. Do you think that Hooded Justice was right not to testify to the House UnAmerican Activities Commission?

9. What is the result of Rorschach's visit to Moloch?

10. What was the cause of the murder/suicide investigated by Detectives Fine and Bourquin?

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