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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Hollis do at age 23?
(a) He joined the Air League.
(b) He traveled to New York.
(c) He got engaged.
(d) He joined the police force.

2. Hollis became which costumed hero?
(a) Night Owl.
(b) Rorschach.
(c) Mothman.
(d) Captain Metropolis.

3. What was the focus of the riots Dan helped to suppress?
(a) They were against the police.
(b) They were about civil rights.
(c) They were pro (in favor of) the police.
(d) They were against the war in Vietnam.

4. What was Jon's father's trade?
(a) Designer.
(b) Builder.
(c) Watchmaker.
(d) Locksmith.

5. How was Edward Morgan Blake murdered?
(a) Shot in the apartment then thrown out the window.
(b) Stabbed and strangled, then stuffed in a freezer.
(c) He was severely beaten inside his apartment, then thrown through a window to the sidewalk below.
(d) He was hit on the head with a heavy bust of Ozymandias.

Short Answer Questions

1. About which group does this extract provide information?

2. Who intervened to save Sally from rape?

3. In what way is Hollis' autobiography important?

4. Which newspaper interviews Janey Slater?

5. Which nation might use nuclear weapons against America?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Dan Dreiberg, what do scientists lack?

2. Why is Detective Fine now convinced that Dan is a costumed hero?

3. What was unusual about the case of Night Owl?

4. What problems are being dealt with by President Richard Nixon

5. Is there anything ironic about the interview between Dr Long and Rorschach?

6. Comment on the importance of this chapter for the novel as a whole.

7. In what ways is Dr Manhattan an asset to the United States?

8. What was the purpose of Captain Metropolis' meeting?

9. What is the political stance of the New Frontiersman?

10. What was the cause of the murder/suicide investigated by Detectives Fine and Bourquin?

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