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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Shexnayder's attitude to the expulsion of Silhouette?
(a) He tried to prevent it.
(b) It repelled him.
(c) He wanted her to take it up before the Human Rights Commission.
(d) He supported it.

2. Who is Janey Slater?
(a) A girl who wants to be a costumed hero.
(b) Jon's sister.
(c) The real identity of Silhouette.
(d) Jon's original girlfriend.

3. What opinion does the Professor have of Dr Manhattan's super-powers?
(a) They will cause Russia to attack America.
(b) They are dangerous because Dr Manhattan is unstable.
(c) They will give an enormous advantage to America.
(d) They will make America unpopular.

4. What is unusual about Jon Osterman?
(a) He is blue and wears very shiny clothes.
(b) He never cuts his hair and wears it like a cloak.
(c) He is blue, naked, bald and has immense superpowers.
(d) He always wears a clown's mask.

5. Which of the costumed heroes was more famous after the House UnAmerican Activities?
(a) Mothman.
(b) The Comedian.
(c) Ozymandias.
(d) Silk Spectre.

Short Answer Questions

1. What important thing does President Nixon ask Jon to do?

2. What was Jon's father's trade?

3. Tales of the Black Freighter is known for being . . .

4. Where does Rorschach go to visit Jon Osterman?

5. This chapter concludes with . . . ?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Jon's story, what is the significance of Janey Slater?

2. Why was the Keene Act passed?

3. In which state was Hollis Mason born?

4. What was the purpose of Captain Metropolis' meeting?

5. Account for the trouble at the TV studios during Dr Manhattan's interview.

6. What happened to Dollar Bill?

7. What is Laurence Shexnayder's interest in Sally?

8. What is the problem with Jon and time?

9. Even with Dr Manhattan as a vital asset, the United States is still vulnerable. Why is that?

10. What is the main idea of the article presented here?

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