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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Dr Long hope to elicit answers from Rorschach?
(a) He used the ink-blot tests.
(b) He used word-association tests.
(c) He used hypnotism.
(d) He questioned Rorschach under bright lights.

2. What is Rorschach's response to questioning?
(a) He doesn't cooperate and swears at Dr Long.
(b) He breaks down and tells a sad story.
(c) He doesn't cooperate and remains silent.
(d) He doesn't cooperate and gives false information.

3. Which is the correct statement?
(a) Chapte 4 cloncludes with the summary of a novel by Professor Milton Glass.
(b) Chapter 4 concludes with the transcript of a TV interview with Professor Milton Gluck.
(c) Chapter 4 concludes with a brief essay by Professor Milton Glass.
(d) Chapter 4 concludes with a long poem by Professor John Milton.

4. Where does this chapter take place?
(a) On the surface of the moon, as Jon reviews his life.
(b) On the surface of Mars as Jon reviews his life.
(c) In New York City and Vietnam.
(d) In Arizona, as Jon reviews his life.

5. In Arizona, Dr Manhattan retrieves something of value to him. What is this?
(a) A secret stash of gold.
(b) An old photo of himself with Janey Slater.
(c) The Gordian Knot.
(d) An old photo of himself with Richard Nixon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who called the meeting to try and form Crimebusters?

2. Who does Dan think responsible for the murder of Blake?

3. What do Dan and Laurie do after the fight with the muggers?

4. Who damaged Dan's lock?

5. For what reason might this other nation attack America with nuclear weapons?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was unusual about the case of Night Owl?

2. Why is it that Dr Manhattan is unavailable to help his country in the crisis it is facing?

3. What happened to Dollar Bill?

4. Who is Adrian Veidt?

5. In which state was Hollis Mason born?

6. What was the cause of the murder/suicide investigated by Detectives Fine and Bourquin?

7. How does Laurie react to her mother's story?

8. What is the problem with Jon and time?

9. What is the main idea of the article presented here?

10. Account for the trouble at the TV studios during Dr Manhattan's interview.

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