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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One thing the article says about Tales of the Black Freighter is . . .
(a) That its writer was very successful.
(b) That its writer is mad.
(c) That it lived up to all expectations.
(d) That is was unexpectedly successful.

2. Why is Laurie glad to hear that Blake is dead?
(a) He had once tried to rape her.
(b) She knows he will leave her a lot of money.
(c) He had once tried to rape her mother.
(d) She heard he had terminal cancer and is glad his suffering is over.

3. What was the result of Mothman's appearance before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee?
(a) He went into despair and committed suicide.
(b) He was eventually cleared.
(c) He had to pay a substantial fine.
(d) He was jailed as a communist.

4. What was unusual about Dollar Bill's death?
(a) He died laughing at one of The Comedian's jokes.
(b) His cape became caught in the door of a bank vault and he was strangled.
(c) His cape was caught in the wheels of a moving car and he was strangled.
(d) His cape became caught in the door of a bank vault & he was shot.

5. Dan learned that The Comedian had been distressed about something. What was that?
(a) He'd discovered there was an island where writers, scientists and artists did terrible things.
(b) He had discovered that the world would soon end.
(c) He had been having nightmares about his past.
(d) He had discovered there was a secret base in the desert where writers, scientists and artists did terrible things.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who contacted Hollis after his retirement?

2. Where does Rorschach go to visit Jon Osterman?

3. What was Shexnayder's attitude to the expulsion of Silhouette?

4. What does the vagrant walk through on the sidewalk?

5. For what reason might this other nation attack America with nuclear weapons?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Laurie react to her mother's story?

2. What was the purpose of Captain Metropolis' meeting?

3. In which state was Hollis Mason born?

4. In Jon's story, what is the significance of Janey Slater?

5. What is significant about "The Watchmaker"?

6. What was the cause of the murder/suicide investigated by Detectives Fine and Bourquin?

7. Account for the trouble at the TV studios during Dr Manhattan's interview.

8. What prompts Laurie to walk out on Jon and go to Dan's place?

9. In what way is this extract from Hollis' autobiography important in the novel?

10. To what extent was America victorious in the Vietnam War?

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