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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who compiled the scrapbook?
(a) Sally Jupiter.
(b) Hollis Mason.
(c) Walter Kovacs.
(d) Silhouette.

2. Where can "The Veidt Method" often be seen advertised?
(a) On the back cover of Tales of the Black Freighter.
(b) On page 3 of the National Enquirer.
(c) In America Today.
(d) On the back page of The New Frontiersman.

3. Why did Adrian give away the family fortune?
(a) In order to avoid the charge of a privileged start.
(b) In order to build schools and hospitals.
(c) In order to help the poor.
(d) In order to avoid the charge of tax avoidance.

4. What function does this section perform in the narrative?
(a) Contains an important plot developmemt.
(b) Ties up some plot elements.
(c) Instructs us on postmodernism
(d) Adds humor to the story.

5. With which of The Comedian's beliefs does Veidt now agree?
(a) The world would be happy without conflict and power.
(b) The world revolves around conflict and power.
(c) Rulers should relinquish power and give it to the people.
(d) There should be one world government.

6. What is Laurie's reaction to Jon's information about himself?
(a) She understands and empathises with him.
(b) She thinks he will overcome his problems with her help.
(c) She can't fully comprehend it.
(d) She doesn't believe it and thinks he's pretentious.

7. What is the paper's political stance?
(a) Neutral, trying to give a balanced view.
(b) Ultra right wing.
(c) Pro-communist.
(d) Ultra left wing.

8. What motivated the Nazi punks to attack and kill Hollis Mason?
(a) They were high on drugs.
(b) They were given a contract by a local gangster.
(c) They were inflamed by anti-costumed hero rhetoric in the press.
(d) Detective Fine paid them to do it.

9. Detective Fine suspects that Dan . . .
(a) Is a costumed hero.
(b) Is a dangerous enemy.
(c) Is the man who murdered The Comedian.
(d) Is in love with Laurie.

10. What do we learn about Hollis Mason's autobiography?
(a) That its publication has been paid for by an anonymous source.
(b) That it has recently been published.
(c) That its publication has been suppressed.
(d) That its publication was expensive for Hollis.

11. What does this chapter add for the reader/responder?
(a) Knowledge about what will come next in the novel.
(b) A deeper understanding of scientific principles.
(c) An understanding of the structure of birds.
(d) A deeper understanding of a character in the novel.

12. Identify the interviewer's attitude to Veidt.
(a) He is suspicious and cynical.
(b) He is openly hostile.
(c) He is sympathetic and sycophantic.
(d) He is sympathetic but not too trusting.

13. What can we assume about "The Veidt Method"?
(a) It's a good idea and more people ought to do it.
(b) It's the lifestyle Veidt used to become a costumed hero.
(c) It's the lifestyle of the Nazi punks.
(d) A lot of money is spent on advertising it.

14. According to the article, what is the purpose of the owl's screech?
(a) To call to a mate.
(b) To warn other owls of danger.
(c) To paralyse prey and pin it to the ground.
(d) To frighten other owls and keep them away from prey.

15. What important decision does Dan make?
(a) To ask Laurie to marry him.
(b) To rescue Rorschach from prison.
(c) To have Rorschach murdered in prison.
(d) To ask Laurie to rescue Rorschach.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the night of the rescue, what other people are dressed in costume?

2. Who organized and paid for the attack on Adrian Veidt?

3. What is the password for Veidt's computer system?

4. What significant item does Laurie take with her when she goes with Jon?

5. On what day do the events of this chapter occur?

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