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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which publication employs the interviewer?
(a) The Evening Standard.
(b) The National Enquirer.
(c) The New Frontiersman.
(d) The Nova Express.

2. Who created the drawing of a man and a woman merging into one while having sex?
(a) Diego Garcia.
(b) The child Walter Kovacs.
(c) Dr Malcolm Long.
(d) Detective Fine.

3. What is Laurie doing when Detective Fine arrives?
(a) Taking a shower.
(b) Hiding her hero's costume.
(c) Cooking dinner.
(d) Taking a nap.

4. What happens when the sailor in The Black Freighter comic finally makes it home?
(a) He gives the town the pirates' treasure.
(b) He mistakenly murders the fop.
(c) He mistakenly murders the wife he loves.
(d) He gives his wife the pirates' treasure.

5. In the context of Watchmen, what is a masquerade?
(a) A pretence or deception; a disguise..
(b) A rude comedy sketch played after Shakespearean tragedies.
(c) A dance.
(d) A dance where people wear masks.

6. What is ornithology?
(a) The study of owls.
(b) The study of blood and DNA.
(c) The study of birds.
(d) The study of wings.

7. What place does this section have in the structure of the graphic novel?
(a) It winds up the story of the Minutemen costumed heroes.
(b) It opens up discussion about costumed heroes.
(c) It begins a new segment of narrative.
(d) It profiles all the costumed heroes.

8. How does the report comment on Rorschach's notebook?
(a) It says the notebook is impossible to read, thanks to the cramped and eccentric writing.
(b) It says the notebook is full of secrets.
(c) It says the notebook is impossible to read because it is covered in inkblots.
(d) It says the notebook will be crucual to the investigation.

9. Who interviews Adrian Veidt?
(a) Doug Shea.
(b) Max Shea.
(c) Doug Roth.
(d) Dan Dreiberg.

10. Where can "The Veidt Method" often be seen advertised?
(a) On page 3 of the National Enquirer.
(b) On the back cover of Tales of the Black Freighter.
(c) In America Today.
(d) On the back page of The New Frontiersman.

11. According to the article, what is the purpose of the owl's screech?
(a) To paralyse prey and pin it to the ground.
(b) To warn other owls of danger.
(c) To frighten other owls and keep them away from prey.
(d) To call to a mate.

12. Who organized and paid for the attack on Adrian Veidt?
(a) Pyramid Laboratories.
(b) Pyramid Industries.
(c) Miramax.
(d) Sphenoid Laboratories.

13. In the Black Freighter comic, what happens when the sailor abandons his raft?
(a) He doesn't sink, but appears to walk on the sea.
(b) He doesn't sink, but grabs onto a piece of wood and floats to shore.
(c) He fights off a shark and swims to shore.
(d) He swims to shore.

14. How is the fire inside the hangar caused?
(a) It was started by Nazi punks.
(b) Laurie used her mobile phone when they were refuelling.
(c) Laurie accidentally activates the flame-thrower.
(d) Laurie started it with her cigarette-lighter.

15. What do we learn about Hollis Mason's autobiography?
(a) That its publication has been suppressed.
(b) That its publication was expensive for Hollis.
(c) That its publication has been paid for by an anonymous source.
(d) That it has recently been published.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the Black Freighter, what happens when the marooned man is on the beach near his town?

2. What is the paper's political stance?

3. Detective Fine suspects that Dan . . .

4. Who was the author of the inter-office memo?

5. What does this chapter add for the reader/responder?

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