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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the Black Freighter comic, what happens when the sailor abandons his raft?
(a) He doesn't sink, but grabs onto a piece of wood and floats to shore.
(b) He doesn't sink, but appears to walk on the sea.
(c) He swims to shore.
(d) He fights off a shark and swims to shore.

2. Laurie's medical scans reveal . . .
(a) That she s not pregnant.
(b) That she is pregnant.
(c) That she has terminl cancer.
(d) That she does not have cancer.

3. With which of The Comedian's beliefs does Veidt now agree?
(a) There should be one world government.
(b) Rulers should relinquish power and give it to the people.
(c) The world revolves around conflict and power.
(d) The world would be happy without conflict and power.

4. According to the article, what do scientists often fail to appreciate?
(a) The mysterious ways their salaries are paid.
(b) The mystery and beauty of birds.
(c) The mysteries of time and space.
(d) The mystery and beauty of life.

5. What do we learn about Hollis Mason's autobiography?
(a) That its publication has been paid for by an anonymous source.
(b) That its publication has been suppressed.
(c) That its publication was expensive for Hollis.
(d) That it has recently been published.

6. Which description best fits the article on "The Veidt Method"?
(a) It is a detailed feature article.
(b) It is a one-page summary.
(c) It is an example of sensationalist reporting.
(d) It is a one-page essay.

7. Whose version of events is confirmed through the contents of the scrapbook?
(a) Captain Metropolis's.
(b) The Comedian's.
(c) Hollis Mason's.
(d) Jon Osterman's.

8. What disturbing news is broadcast on TV?
(a) Afghanistan has invaded Russia and Pakistan.
(b) Pakistan has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.
(c) The United States has invaded Afghanistan and Russia.
(d) Russia has invaded Afghanistan and is advancing towards Pakistan.

9. What is the significance of the information given in this section?
(a) It provides important information relating to the plot of the novel.
(b) It provides insight into the character of Max Shea and other artists.
(c) It provides important information about the newspaper's attitude.
(d) It provides good moral leadership for the community.

10. Identify the interviewer's attitude to Veidt.
(a) He is openly hostile.
(b) He is sympathetic but not too trusting.
(c) He is suspicious and cynical.
(d) He is sympathetic and sycophantic.

11. What information does the secondary story contain?
(a) The disappearance of Max Shea and other prominent people in the artistic world.
(b) The disapperance of the Black Freighter.
(c) The amazing disapperance of costumed heroes.
(d) The amazing powers of Dr Manhattan.

12. What does Laurie find interesting at Dan's home?
(a) His impressive array of DVDs.
(b) His impressive collection of hero costumes.
(c) His plasma television with sound surround.
(d) His impressive array of equipment and inventions.

13. Who was the author of the inter-office memo?
(a) Dr Long.
(b) The District Attorney.
(c) Jon Osterman.
(d) Detective Fine.

14. How is Jon's giant mechanism powered?
(a) Solar cells..
(b) Clockwork.
(c) Wireless.
(d) Nuclear energy.

15. Who interviews Adrian Veidt?
(a) Dan Dreiberg.
(b) Max Shea.
(c) Doug Shea.
(d) Doug Roth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is "The Veidt Method"

2. What is ornithology?

3. Who created the drawing of a man and a woman merging into one while having sex?

4. What will the new brand of perfume be called?

5. Why does Dan wake up during the night?

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