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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where can "The Veidt Method" often be seen advertised?
(a) In America Today.
(b) On the back page of The New Frontiersman.
(c) On page 3 of the National Enquirer.
(d) On the back cover of Tales of the Black Freighter.

2. What is the significance of the information given in this section?
(a) It provides good moral leadership for the community.
(b) It provides important information relating to the plot of the novel.
(c) It provides important information about the newspaper's attitude.
(d) It provides insight into the character of Max Shea and other artists.

3. According to the article, what do scientists often fail to appreciate?
(a) The mystery and beauty of birds.
(b) The mysteries of time and space.
(c) The mystery and beauty of life.
(d) The mysterious ways their salaries are paid.

4. What function does this section perform in the narrative?
(a) Adds humor to the story.
(b) Ties up some plot elements.
(c) Contains an important plot developmemt.
(d) Instructs us on postmodernism

5. What motivated the Nazi punks to attack and kill Hollis Mason?
(a) They were given a contract by a local gangster.
(b) They were high on drugs.
(c) They were inflamed by anti-costumed hero rhetoric in the press.
(d) Detective Fine paid them to do it.

6. Who compiled the scrapbook?
(a) Sally Jupiter.
(b) Hollis Mason.
(c) Walter Kovacs.
(d) Silhouette.

7. Ih what form are these documents?
(a) A file of newspaper clippings.
(b) A scrapbook about The Comedian.
(c) A travel scrapbook.
(d) A scrapbook miscellany.

8. Who was the author of the document presented here?
(a) Dan Dreiberg.
(b) Jon Silberberg.
(c) Jean Seberg.
(d) Dr Malcolm Long.

9. What is the paper's attitude to costumed heroes?
(a) It promotes them because their exploits make great news.
(b) It has a neutral, objective viewpoint.
(c) It promotes them as being true Americans and patriots.
(d) It condemns their behaviour.

10. Why did Adrian give away the family fortune?
(a) In order to help the poor.
(b) In order to avoid the charge of tax avoidance.
(c) In order to avoid the charge of a privileged start.
(d) In order to build schools and hospitals.

11. Whose version of events is confirmed through the contents of the scrapbook?
(a) Hollis Mason's.
(b) The Comedian's.
(c) Jon Osterman's.
(d) Captain Metropolis's.

12. Identify the interviewer's attitude to Veidt.
(a) He is sympathetic but not too trusting.
(b) He is openly hostile.
(c) He is sympathetic and sycophantic.
(d) He is suspicious and cynical.

13. With what is Rorchach charged?
(a) The murders of Elsa Jacobi, Gerald Grace and Harvey Furnis.
(b) Scaling the facade of a building.
(c) The murders of Edgar Jacobi, Gerald Grice and Harvey Furniss.
(d) Stealing from Edgar Jacobi and Harvey Furniss.

14. Who organized and paid for the attack on Adrian Veidt?
(a) Miramax.
(b) Pyramid Laboratories.
(c) Pyramid Industries.
(d) Sphenoid Laboratories.

15. Where does the explosion start?
(a) At Bernhard's news stand.
(b) At the offices of Pyramid Industries.
(c) In the Institute for Interspatial Studies.
(d) At the Interspatial Laboratories.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does this chapter add for the reader/responder?

2. Why were Laurie's parents fighting?

3. What important decision does Dan make?

4. With which of The Comedian's beliefs does Veidt now agree?

5. Detective Fine suspects that Dan . . .

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