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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who interviews Adrian Veidt?
(a) Dan Dreiberg.
(b) Doug Shea.
(c) Max Shea.
(d) Doug Roth.

2. On what day was this paper published?
(a) 30th November, 1985.
(b) 26th January, 1985.
(c) 31st October, 1985.
(d) 22nd November, 1963.

3. Detective Fine suspects that Dan . . .
(a) Is a costumed hero.
(b) Is in love with Laurie.
(c) Is a dangerous enemy.
(d) Is the man who murdered The Comedian.

4. How does the report comment on Rorschach's notebook?
(a) It says the notebook is impossible to read because it is covered in inkblots.
(b) It says the notebook is full of secrets.
(c) It says the notebook is impossible to read, thanks to the cramped and eccentric writing.
(d) It says the notebook will be crucual to the investigation.

5. What can we assume about "The Veidt Method"?
(a) It's the lifestyle Veidt used to become a costumed hero.
(b) A lot of money is spent on advertising it.
(c) It's the lifestyle of the Nazi punks.
(d) It's a good idea and more people ought to do it.

6. What disturbing news is broadcast on TV?
(a) Russia has invaded Afghanistan and is advancing towards Pakistan.
(b) Afghanistan has invaded Russia and Pakistan.
(c) The United States has invaded Afghanistan and Russia.
(d) Pakistan has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

7. What significant item does Laurie take with her when she goes with Jon?
(a) Her hero costume.
(b) A bottle of the new pefume.
(c) A bottle of her mother's perfume.
(d) Her cigarettes.

8. What place does this section have in the structure of the graphic novel?
(a) It profiles all the costumed heroes.
(b) It opens up discussion about costumed heroes.
(c) It winds up the story of the Minutemen costumed heroes.
(d) It begins a new segment of narrative.

9. Who compiled the scrapbook?
(a) Silhouette.
(b) Hollis Mason.
(c) Walter Kovacs.
(d) Sally Jupiter.

10. Who does Dr Long meet near Bernhard's newsstand?
(a) Rorschach.
(b) Detective Fine.
(c) His wife.
(d) The whore.

11. What important decision does Dan make?
(a) To ask Laurie to marry him.
(b) To have Rorschach murdered in prison.
(c) To rescue Rorschach from prison.
(d) To ask Laurie to rescue Rorschach.

12. Who created the drawing of a man and a woman merging into one while having sex?
(a) Diego Garcia.
(b) Dr Malcolm Long.
(c) The child Walter Kovacs.
(d) Detective Fine.

13. Which description best fits the article on "The Veidt Method"?
(a) It is an example of sensationalist reporting.
(b) It is a one-page essay.
(c) It is a detailed feature article.
(d) It is a one-page summary.

14. What does Sally reveal to the interviewer?
(a) Her horror of rape.
(b) Her responsibility for The Comedian.
(c) Her love for The Comedian.
(d) Her belief that she shared responsbility for the rape.

15. What is Dan's flight ship called?
(a) Jughead.
(b) Algernon.
(c) Archie.
(d) Archimedes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is ornithology?

2. What it so special about the snowstorm ball?

3. What is the paper's political stance?

4. In the Black Freighter, what happens when the marooned man is on the beach near his town?

5. Who was the author of the document presented here?

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