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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the Black Freighter, what happens when the marooned man is on the beach near his town?
(a) He finds two dead bodies.
(b) He almost drowns.
(c) He steals money from the fop and the whore.
(d) He kills the fop and the whore.

2. Who does Dr Long meet near Bernhard's newsstand?
(a) Detective Fine.
(b) The whore.
(c) Rorschach.
(d) His wife.

3. What does Laurie find interesting at Dan's home?
(a) His impressive array of equipment and inventions.
(b) His impressive collection of hero costumes.
(c) His impressive array of DVDs.
(d) His plasma television with sound surround.

4. What is the password for Veidt's computer system?
(a) Ramses ii
(b) Amun-Ra ii
(c) Ramses iii
(d) Ozymandias

5. What is Laurie doing when Detective Fine arrives?
(a) Taking a shower.
(b) Cooking dinner.
(c) Taking a nap.
(d) Hiding her hero's costume.

6. What is ornithology?
(a) The study of wings.
(b) The study of blood and DNA.
(c) The study of owls.
(d) The study of birds.

7. What is the message in Adrian Veidt's office memo?
(a) Nostalgia perfume is to be repackaged.
(b) There needs to be a new advertising campaign for Nostalgia perfume.
(c) Production of nostalgia perfume is to be stepped up.
(d) Nostalgia perfume will be discontinued and replaced.

8. What information had this interviewer previously provided?
(a) A story about Laurie's evil twin.
(b) A list of people supposedly given cancer by Dr Manhattan.
(c) President Nixon's plans for war.
(d) Dr Manhattan's secret life.

9. What is Rorschach's response to the charges?
(a) He claims his right to remain silent.
(b) He denies he murdered Jacobi and blames Night Owl for the other two killings.
(c) He denies he murdered Jacobi.
(d) He admits everything.

10. Who tries to sell something to Bernhard?
(a) Two Jehovah's Witnesses try to sell him The Watchtower.
(b) Two nuns try to sell him News From Fatima.
(c) Nazi punks try to sell him a biography of Himmler.
(d) Two Scientologists try to sell him books by Ron Hubbard.

11. What do we learn about Hollis Mason's autobiography?
(a) That its publication has been suppressed.
(b) That it has recently been published.
(c) That its publication has been paid for by an anonymous source.
(d) That its publication was expensive for Hollis.

12. Ih what form are these documents?
(a) A scrapbook miscellany.
(b) A scrapbook about The Comedian.
(c) A file of newspaper clippings.
(d) A travel scrapbook.

13. Where does the explosion start?
(a) At the Interspatial Laboratories.
(b) At the offices of Pyramid Industries.
(c) In the Institute for Interspatial Studies.
(d) At Bernhard's news stand.

14. Why does Dan wake up during the night?
(a) He has had a nightmare.
(b) He is hungry.
(c) He thinks Laurie has left him.
(d) He has had a

15. What is making Max Shea happy as he boards the boat?
(a) He feels fulfilled at the end of a difficult project.
(b) Security will be lifted and he'll get a large pay check.
(c) He just wants to go home.
(d) He is in love with Linette Paley.

Short Answer Questions

1. What significant thing does Jon tell Laurie about himself?

2. Who was the author of the inter-office memo?

3. What is the paper's attitude to costumed heroes?

4. What is the paper's political stance?

5. What is Dan's flight ship called?

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