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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which description best fits the article on "The Veidt Method"?
(a) It is a one-page essay.
(b) It is a one-page summary.
(c) It is an example of sensationalist reporting.
(d) It is a detailed feature article.

2. Who tries to sell something to Bernhard?
(a) Two Jehovah's Witnesses try to sell him The Watchtower.
(b) Two nuns try to sell him News From Fatima.
(c) Two Scientologists try to sell him books by Ron Hubbard.
(d) Nazi punks try to sell him a biography of Himmler.

3. What can we assume about "The Veidt Method"?
(a) It's a good idea and more people ought to do it.
(b) It's the lifestyle of the Nazi punks.
(c) A lot of money is spent on advertising it.
(d) It's the lifestyle Veidt used to become a costumed hero.

4. In the Black Freighter, what happens when the marooned man is on the beach near his town?
(a) He kills the fop and the whore.
(b) He steals money from the fop and the whore.
(c) He almost drowns.
(d) He finds two dead bodies.

5. Who created the drawing of a man and a woman merging into one while having sex?
(a) Detective Fine.
(b) The child Walter Kovacs.
(c) Dr Malcolm Long.
(d) Diego Garcia.

6. What does Sally reveal to the interviewer?
(a) Her love for The Comedian.
(b) Her responsibility for The Comedian.
(c) Her belief that she shared responsbility for the rape.
(d) Her horror of rape.

7. How is Jon's giant mechanism powered?
(a) Clockwork.
(b) Wireless.
(c) Solar cells..
(d) Nuclear energy.

8. What do we learn about Hollis Mason's autobiography?
(a) That its publication has been paid for by an anonymous source.
(b) That its publication has been suppressed.
(c) That its publication was expensive for Hollis.
(d) That it has recently been published.

9. What does this chapter add for the reader/responder?
(a) An understanding of the structure of birds.
(b) Knowledge about what will come next in the novel.
(c) A deeper understanding of a character in the novel.
(d) A deeper understanding of scientific principles.

10. What does Laurie find interesting at Dan's home?
(a) His plasma television with sound surround.
(b) His impressive collection of hero costumes.
(c) His impressive array of DVDs.
(d) His impressive array of equipment and inventions.

11. Laurie's medical scans reveal . . .
(a) That she has terminl cancer.
(b) That she does not have cancer.
(c) That she is pregnant.
(d) That she s not pregnant.

12. What is the sailor's mental state when he joins the pirates?
(a) Enthusiasm.
(b) Anticipation.
(c) Eagerness.
(d) Despair.

13. Who compiled the scrapbook?
(a) Hollis Mason.
(b) Silhouette.
(c) Sally Jupiter.
(d) Walter Kovacs.

14. In what publication does the article appear?
(a) Journal of the American Ontological Society.
(b) Journal of the American Ornithological Society.
(c) Journal of the American Otorhinolaryngeal Society.
(d) Journal of the American Ornate Furniture Society.

15. On what day do the events of this chapter occur?
(a) October 31, 1985.
(b) November 4, 1985.
(c) January 1, 1984.
(d) 26 January, 1988.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which publication employs the interviewer?

2. What is specially significant about these documents?

3. What place does this section have in the structure of the graphic novel?

4. What will the new brand of perfume be called?

5. Who does Dr Long meet near Bernhard's newsstand?

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