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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is it necessary to have a sham funeral for Jon?
(a) It was ordered by the House UnAmerican Activities Commission.
(b) He made directions for this in his Will.
(c) His body has disintegrated and there are no remains.
(d) It was ordered by the President.

2. What sort of people does Dan see in the rough neighborhood?
(a) Nazi punks.
(b) College kids
(c) Pimps and prostitutes.
(d) A film crew making a documentary.

3. Who was Silk Spectre's daughter?
(a) Janey Slater.
(b) Sally Jupiter
(c) Silhouette.
(d) Laurie Juspeczyk.

4. Which short, strong statement is made in this chapter?

5. What does Laurie realize about Jon?
(a) That he can defeat his enemies.
(b) That he can appear in multiple places simultaneously.
(c) That he is bald and blue in color.
(d) That he can see into the future.

6. Why did a man slaughter his wife and family?
(a) Anxiety over the end of the world.
(b) Anxiety over an asteroid collision.
(c) Anxiety over an impending attack by Iraq.
(d) Anxiety over impending war with Russia.

7. What does Hollis say the costumed heroes were forced to do?
(a) Reveal their true identities.
(b) Appear before a Presidential tribunal.
(c) Testify before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee (HUAAC).
(d) Travel to Arizona to protect Dr Manhattan.

8. For what reason might this other nation attack America with nuclear weapons?
(a) If it wanted America's oil reserves.
(b) If it was under threat.
(c) If it wanted to expand its empire.
(d) If it believed America was an evil nation.

9. What do Dan and Laurie do after the fight with the muggers?
(a) They take the injured muggers to hospital.
(b) They laugh at the muggers.
(c) They laugh because they have enjoyed themselves.
(d) They laugh in relief because they almost lost the fight.

10. Why is this autobiography important?
(a) It provides interest and also information about the main characters.
(b) It exposes corruption within the world of costumed heroes.
(c) It shows us how to write postmodern fiction.
(d) It will be the subject of a major film.

11. Who intervened to save Sally from rape?
(a) The Comedian.
(b) Hooded Justice.
(c) Ozymandias.
(d) Captain Metropolis.

12. What was the result of Mothman's appearance before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee?
(a) He had to pay a substantial fine.
(b) He went into despair and committed suicide.
(c) He was jailed as a communist.
(d) He was eventually cleared.

13. What did Hollis do at age 23?
(a) He joined the Air League.
(b) He joined the police force.
(c) He got engaged.
(d) He traveled to New York.

14. What has Jon helped to invent?
(a) Solar-powered electicity for the national grid.
(b) Electric airplanes and solar-powered computers.
(c) Electric cars and cost-effective lighter-than-air craft.
(d) A drug that will cure all known diseases.

15. How does Jon account for his reappearance?
(a) He reassembled himself from subatomic particles.
(b) God heard his dying prayer.
(c) He reassembled himself by gathering water molecules and carbon.
(d) He accomplished it by effort of will.

Short Answer Questions

1. Rorschach tells Moloch to contact him by what method?

2. How did Hollis first find out about costumed heroes?

3. For what reason was Silhouette expelled from the group?

4. How does Veidt survive the assassination attempt?

5. What is Dr Malcolm Long's specialty?

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