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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what year did Hollis become the original Night Owl?
(a) 1937.
(b) 1929.
(c) 1947.
(d) 1939.

2. Why is Laurie glad to hear that Blake is dead?
(a) He had once tried to rape her.
(b) She heard he had terminal cancer and is glad his suffering is over.
(c) He had once tried to rape her mother.
(d) She knows he will leave her a lot of money.

3. Which costumed hero refused to comply with the order referred to in the above question?
(a) Silk Spectre
(b) Hooded Justice.
(c) Night Owl
(d) Blind Justice.

4. This chapter concludes with . . . ?
(a) The death of The Comedian.
(b) More pages from Hollis Mason's autobiography.
(c) A fight with Nazi punks.
(d) More pages on the history of comic books.

5. What degree does Jon gain at university?
(a) A PhD in Atomic Physics.
(b) None. He dropped out.
(c) A PhD in Interspatial Studies.
(d) A PhD in Pure Mathematics.

6. Of what did Hooded Justice remind Hollis?
(a) Cary Grant.
(b) Superman.
(c) Comic book heroes.
(d) The need for vigilantes.

7. What important thing does President Nixon ask Jon to do?
(a) Intervene in the War Against Want.
(b) Intervene in the Korean War.
(c) Intervene in the Vietnam War.
(d) Intervene in the Boer War.

8. For what reason was Silhouette expelled from the group?
(a) It became known she was a lesbian.
(b) She stole money from the group.
(c) She became pregnant.
(d) She had an affair with Captain Metropolis.

9. When Rorschach finds the Comedian's costume, what does he assume?
(a) That Edward Blake has murdered The Comedian.
(b) That Edward Blake was The Comedian.
(c) That the police have planted the costume to cause trouble.
(d) That Ozymandias has planted the costume to frame Blake.

10. One thing the article says about Tales of the Black Freighter is . . .
(a) That its writer is mad.
(b) That is was unexpectedly successful.
(c) That its writer was very successful.
(d) That it lived up to all expectations.

11. About which group does this extract provide information?
(a) The Minutemen.
(b) The CIA.
(c) The Byrds.
(d) The Mothmen.

12. Why is it necessary to have a sham funeral for Jon?
(a) He made directions for this in his Will.
(b) It was ordered by the President.
(c) His body has disintegrated and there are no remains.
(d) It was ordered by the House UnAmerican Activities Commission.

13. Dan learned that The Comedian had been distressed about something. What was that?
(a) He'd discovered there was an island where writers, scientists and artists did terrible things.
(b) He had been having nightmares about his past.
(c) He had discovered there was a secret base in the desert where writers, scientists and artists did terrible things.
(d) He had discovered that the world would soon end.

14. In Arizona, Dr Manhattan retrieves something of value to him. What is this?
(a) An old photo of himself with Janey Slater.
(b) A secret stash of gold.
(c) An old photo of himself with Richard Nixon.
(d) The Gordian Knot.

15. What was the focus of the riots Dan helped to suppress?
(a) They were against the war in Vietnam.
(b) They were about civil rights.
(c) They were against the police.
(d) They were pro (in favor of) the police.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Rorschach's birth name?

2. Why doesn't Jon recall his life in chronological order?

3. How did Hollis get to New York?

4. How does Jon account for his reappearance?

5. Who buys the New Frontiersman from Bernard?

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