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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Jon recall his life in chronological order?
(a) The story is interrupted in the telling.
(b) His memory has been damaged.
(c) His vision is sometimes distorted by subatomic events.
(d) It is part of the postmodernist structure of the novel.

2. What did this person ask of Hollis?
(a) To spy for the United States.
(b) If he might carry on the fight against crime, as Night Owl.
(c) If he would start to write his autobiography.
(d) To assassinate Adrian Veidt.

3. How old was Hollis when his family moved to New York City?
(a) 5
(b) 12
(c) 23
(d) 16

4. What important thing does President Nixon ask Jon to do?
(a) Intervene in the War Against Want.
(b) Intervene in the Boer War.
(c) Intervene in the Korean War.
(d) Intervene in the Vietnam War.

5. Hollis became which costumed hero?
(a) Mothman.
(b) Night Owl.
(c) Rorschach.
(d) Captain Metropolis.

6. What was the weather like for Blake's graveside funeral?
(a) There was a thuunderstorm.
(b) Snow was falling.
(c) It was a hot August night.
(d) Wet/rainy.

7. Where does this chapter take place?
(a) In New York City and Vietnam.
(b) In Arizona, as Jon reviews his life.
(c) On the surface of Mars as Jon reviews his life.
(d) On the surface of the moon, as Jon reviews his life.

8. How does Rorschach get into the apartment?
(a) He goes through the front door, using a secret key.
(b) He scales the facade of the building.
(c) He teleports himself into the apartment.
(d) He tricks the janitor to let him in.

9. Why is Laurie glad to hear that Blake is dead?
(a) She knows he will leave her a lot of money.
(b) He had once tried to rape her mother.
(c) She heard he had terminal cancer and is glad his suffering is over.
(d) He had once tried to rape her.

10. What was the original group of costumed heroes called?
(a) The Laughing Cavaliers.
(b) The Comedians.
(c) The Avengers.
(d) The Minutemen.

11. What is Professor Glass's normal job?
(a) He writes for The Scientific American.
(b) He is a senior researcher at Yale.
(c) He is a senior researcher at Gila Flats, Arizona.
(d) He is a senior researcher for the CIA.

12. Which is the correct statement?
(a) Chapte 4 cloncludes with the summary of a novel by Professor Milton Glass.
(b) Chapter 4 concludes with a brief essay by Professor Milton Glass.
(c) Chapter 4 concludes with the transcript of a TV interview with Professor Milton Gluck.
(d) Chapter 4 concludes with a long poem by Professor John Milton.

13. What does Hollis say the costumed heroes were forced to do?
(a) Travel to Arizona to protect Dr Manhattan.
(b) Reveal their true identities.
(c) Appear before a Presidential tribunal.
(d) Testify before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee (HUAAC).

14. Who called the meeting to try and form Crimebusters?
(a) Rorschach.
(b) Hooded Justice.
(c) Captain Metropolis.
(d) President Kennedy.

15. What do the detectives talk about as they leave the apartment?
(a) They discuss the best place to buy pizza.
(b) They discuss the murder and wonder if Rorschach could have been involved.
(c) They discuss the idea of becoming costumed heroes.
(d) They discuss the murder and wonder if Ozymandias could have been involved.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bernard's news-stand is in front of . . . ?

2. For what reason did Rorschach, as a child, become involved in a street fight?

3. Why is this autobiography important?

4. What was Shexnayder's attitude to the expulsion of Silhouette?

5. What it the title of the autobiography featured at the end of Chapter 1?

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