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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which newspaper interviews Janey Slater?
(a) The Times of London.
(b) The Nova Express.
(c) The New York Times
(d) The New Frontiersman.

2. Of what does the Black Freighter protagonist build his raft?
(a) The corpses of dead friends.
(b) Driftwood, old oil drums and tree branches.
(c) Tree trunks lashed together with vines.
(d) Driftwood and old oil drums.

3. What opinion does the Professor have of Dr Manhattan's super-powers?
(a) They will cause Russia to attack America.
(b) They will make America unpopular.
(c) They are dangerous because Dr Manhattan is unstable.
(d) They will give an enormous advantage to America.

4. How does Jon account for his reappearance?
(a) God heard his dying prayer.
(b) He reassembled himself from subatomic particles.
(c) He reassembled himself by gathering water molecules and carbon.
(d) He accomplished it by effort of will.

5. What did Hooded Justice do after his HUAAC appearance?
(a) He went to Russia.
(b) He wrote a play about it.
(c) He vanished.
(d) He complained to the President about it.

6. What it the title of the autobiography featured at the end of Chapter 1?
(a) Under the Hood
(b) The Hood Stripped Bare.
(c) Hoods and Heroes.
(d) Under the Neighborhood.

7. What was Jon's father's trade?
(a) Designer.
(b) Locksmith.
(c) Builder.
(d) Watchmaker.

8. What was Shexnayder's attitude to the expulsion of Silhouette?
(a) He supported it.
(b) He tried to prevent it.
(c) It repelled him.
(d) He wanted her to take it up before the Human Rights Commission.

9. What did Ozymandias do in 1958?
(a) He performed the first vigilante arrests.
(b) He married Silk Spectre.
(c) He performed the first teleportation.
(d) He refused to arrest vigilantes.

10. How many artists were involved in illustrating the comic?
(a) Two
(b) Fourteen
(c) Ten
(d) One

11. What is Professor Glass's normal job?
(a) He writes for The Scientific American.
(b) He is a senior researcher at Gila Flats, Arizona.
(c) He is a senior researcher at Yale.
(d) He is a senior researcher for the CIA.

12. How did the United States come to win the Vietnam War in 1971?
(a) Direct intervention by President Richard Nixon, who had visited China.
(b) They dropped a nuclear bomb on Hanoi.
(c) Direct intervention by Dr Manhattan and Ozymandias.
(d) Direct intervention by Dr Manhattan and The Comedian.

13. How significant is Hollis in the story?
(a) He is the antagonist.
(b) He is a minor character.
(c) He is the narrator.
(d) He is the main character.

14. Who called the meeting to try and form Crimebusters?
(a) Captain Metropolis.
(b) Hooded Justice.
(c) President Kennedy.
(d) Rorschach.

15. Who is Janey Slater?
(a) Jon's original girlfriend.
(b) Jon's sister.
(c) A girl who wants to be a costumed hero.
(d) The real identity of Silhouette.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Hollis get to New York?

2. What was the weather like for Blake's graveside funeral?

3. Who is replacing Dan's lock?

4. In Arizona, Dr Manhattan retrieves something of value to him. What is this?

5. Who does Dan think responsible for the murder of Blake?

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