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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10 Two Riders Were Approaching....

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jon's father throw out the window?
(a) A book about Hiroshima.
(b) The Comedian.
(c) Pieces of his disassembled watch.
(d) His dinner.

2. What is Laurie doing when Detective Fine arrives?
(a) Taking a nap.
(b) Cooking dinner.
(c) Hiding her hero's costume.
(d) Taking a shower.

3. What disturbing news is broadcast on TV?
(a) The United States has invaded Afghanistan and Russia.
(b) Pakistan has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.
(c) Russia has invaded Afghanistan and is advancing towards Pakistan.
(d) Afghanistan has invaded Russia and Pakistan.

4. Why is this autobiography important?
(a) It provides interest and also information about the main characters.
(b) It shows us how to write postmodern fiction.
(c) It will be the subject of a major film.
(d) It exposes corruption within the world of costumed heroes.

5. What do the detectives talk about as they leave the apartment?
(a) They discuss the murder and wonder if Ozymandias could have been involved.
(b) They discuss the idea of becoming costumed heroes.
(c) They discuss the best place to buy pizza.
(d) They discuss the murder and wonder if Rorschach could have been involved.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Silk Spectre's original partner?

2. What is the paper's attitude to costumed heroes?

3. On what day was this paper published?

4. About which group does this extract provide information?

5. In what year did Hollis become the original Night Owl?

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