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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10 Two Riders Were Approaching....

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is replacing Dan's lock?
(a) HIH Insurance Company.
(b) The Gordian Pastry Company.
(c) The Guardian Lock Company.
(d) The Gordian Lock Company.

2. What important advantage do costumed heroes have?
(a) A colorful costume and lots of fun.
(b) The costume provides anonymity, thus freedom to perform vigilante acts.
(c) They have presidential backing.
(d) They work with the police at all times.

3. Whose version of events is confirmed through the contents of the scrapbook?
(a) Jon Osterman's.
(b) Captain Metropolis's.
(c) The Comedian's.
(d) Hollis Mason's.

4. Detective Fine suspects that Dan . . .
(a) Is a dangerous enemy.
(b) Is the man who murdered The Comedian.
(c) Is in love with Laurie.
(d) Is a costumed hero.

5. Where does this chapter take place?
(a) On the surface of Mars as Jon reviews his life.
(b) On the surface of the moon, as Jon reviews his life.
(c) In New York City and Vietnam.
(d) In Arizona, as Jon reviews his life.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jon account for his reappearance?

2. According to the article, what is the purpose of the owl's screech?

3. Who was the author of the document presented here?

4. What did Ozymandias do in 1958?

5. What is ornithology?

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