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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8 October 31st 1985 Issue of New Frontiersman.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what way is Hollis' autobiography important?
(a) It provides information about characters and important events in the novel.
(b) It tells us about costumed heroes.
(c) It's a great example of autobiographical writing.
(d) It reveals important things all Americans ought to know.

2. What does Jon's father throw out the window?
(a) His dinner.
(b) A book about Hiroshima.
(c) The Comedian.
(d) Pieces of his disassembled watch.

3. Why did a man slaughter his wife and family?
(a) Anxiety over an asteroid collision.
(b) Anxiety over the end of the world.
(c) Anxiety over impending war with Russia.
(d) Anxiety over an impending attack by Iraq.

4. How is the fire inside the hangar caused?
(a) Laurie started it with her cigarette-lighter.
(b) Laurie accidentally activates the flame-thrower.
(c) It was started by Nazi punks.
(d) Laurie used her mobile phone when they were refuelling.

5. What is Rorschach's response to the charges?
(a) He admits everything.
(b) He denies he murdered Jacobi.
(c) He claims his right to remain silent.
(d) He denies he murdered Jacobi and blames Night Owl for the other two killings.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did this person ask of Hollis?

2. Why does Dan wake up during the night?

3. Chapter 5 ends with . . .

4. Who is killed in the assassination attempt?

5. What is striking about the list of people Doug Roth reads on TV?

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