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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8 October 31st 1985 Issue of New Frontiersman.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what publication does the article appear?
(a) Journal of the American Ontological Society.
(b) Journal of the American Ornate Furniture Society.
(c) Journal of the American Ornithological Society.
(d) Journal of the American Otorhinolaryngeal Society.

2. Detective Fine suspects that Dan . . .
(a) Is the man who murdered The Comedian.
(b) Is in love with Laurie.
(c) Is a dangerous enemy.
(d) Is a costumed hero.

3. What was the result of Mothman's appearance before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee?
(a) He went into despair and committed suicide.
(b) He had to pay a substantial fine.
(c) He was jailed as a communist.
(d) He was eventually cleared.

4. According to the article, what is the purpose of the owl's screech?
(a) To frighten other owls and keep them away from prey.
(b) To paralyse prey and pin it to the ground.
(c) To warn other owls of danger.
(d) To call to a mate.

5. What important advantage do costumed heroes have?
(a) They have presidential backing.
(b) A colorful costume and lots of fun.
(c) They work with the police at all times.
(d) The costume provides anonymity, thus freedom to perform vigilante acts.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrote the text for Tales of the Black Freighter?

2. In the Black Freighter comic, what happens when the sailor abandons his raft?

3. Who was Silk Spectre's original partner?

4. What was the weather like for Blake's graveside funeral?

5. Who is Janey Slater?

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