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The Minutemen

This group of costumed adventurers formed in 1939 and disbanded in 1949. The group originally consisted of The Comedian, Night Owl, Sally Jupiter, Mothman, The Silhouette, Hooded Justice, and Dollar Bill. Although most of the costumed heroes from this group play some role in the graphic novel, the group as a whole is relatively insignificant to the graphic novel's plot development.

New Frontiersman

An ultra-right-wing newspaper filled with conspiracy theories, anticommunist ranting, and yellow journalism. This paper is frequently read by Rorschach, who apparently gleans a large amount of useful information from its pages. Rorschach mails his journal to it before he travels to Antarctica, where he meets his doom. The paper stands in traditional virulent opposition to the opinions expressed in Nova Express. The paper is edited by Hector Godfrey, who employs, as factotum, a younger man named Seymour.

Nova Express

An ultra-left-wing newspaper filled with conspiracy...

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