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Lesson 1 (from At Midnight All the Agents...)


In close examination of an opening chapter, students will identify themes and characters, as this is where the main ones are often introduced. They will make some predictions on the basis of what has appeared in this chapter.

Students will understand the importance of positioning within frames (visual literacy).

Students will examine the theme of 'Disguises'.


1) Examining the opening chapter of a novel.

Have the class read the chapter (aloud or silently). Invite students to identify words, phrases or images they do not understand. Explain the importance of the opening chapters of a novel. This is where themes and characters are often introduced and where recurring motifs can first appear.

Have the class identify all the characters introduced in this chapter. Next to each name, write one salient thing that is known about the character. Also write a prediction as to the character's role as...

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