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Write an Historical Article

Imagine you are a historian writing 100 years after the events in the novel. Choose one major event in the novel and write its history. Write about 250 words in an objective style.

Make a Plan/Model

Re-read the parts of the graphic novel that deal with Ozymandias's fortress of Karnak.

1) Carefully draw a blueprint of the fortress. Keep in mind all the features it would need.

2) Construct a model of the fortress according to your blueprint.

3) In an oral presentation, explain your design to a committee (the class) and give reasons for your key choices.

Class Debate

Debate this assertion: "That the end justifies the means."

Trivia Quiz

Design a Trivial Pursuit type game based on the graphic novel.


The graphic novel deals with Sally's scrapbook. Create one that Laurie might have put together during the events of the novel.


Design a crossword...

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