Watchmen Character Descriptions

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Rorschach AKA Walter Joseph Kovacs

This character is the graphic novel's primary protagonist and was born in 1940 in a tenement slum to a drug-using prostitute.

Dan Dreiberg

This character is the second Night Owl costumed hero. He graduated with dual master's degrees, Aeronautics and Zoology, Harvard University. In 1962, he contacted Hollis and requested permission to carry on the Night owl tradition. Hollis readily consented.

Adrian Veidt AKA Ozymandias

This character, the graphic novel's antagonist, was born in 1939 into a wealthy family and was quickly realized to be a child prodigy. At an early age, he began to disguise his abilities to avoid unwanted attention. He became an orphan in 1956 and, as a young man, idolized Alexander the Great.

Jonathan AKA Dr Manhattan

As a child, this character planned to become a watchmaker and practiced disassembling and reassembling his father's watch. On the day Hiroshima was bombed, the father...

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