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Chapter Abstracts

• Rorschach, in his guise as a vagrant, overhears Detectives Fine and Bourquin discussing the murder of Edward Morgan Blake.

• Rorschach searches Blake's apartment and finds evidence he is The Comedian, a costumed hero.

• Dan Dreiberg meets with Hollis Mason, the original Night Owl.

• Dan and Rorschach disagree about the possible motive for Blake's murder.

• At the Rockefeller Military Research Center, Rorschach speaks to Jon Osterman and his lover, Laurie Juspeczyk.

• Jon, Rorschach and Laurie argue about the motivation for Blake's murder.

• Laurie decides to visit Dan.

• Information from Hollis Mason's autobiography, outlining his early life and his decision, while a police officer, to become the second real-life costumed hero.

• Laurie visits her mother, Sally, who tells her daughter about the way Hooded Justice saved her from the Comedian's rape attempt.

• At Blake's funeral, Veidt remembers Captain Metropolis' attempt to form Crimebusters, and how the Comedian ruined the meeting.

• Also at...

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