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Marya Hornbacher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mayra do at home while she is alone?
(a) Reads.
(b) Binges.
(c) Purges.
(d) Writes.

2. What does aftermath mean?
(a) Happy events.
(b) After the fact.
(c) Consequences after an event.
(d) Changing events.

3. What does Marya tell her brother about her body?
(a) She is happy.
(b) She is very weak.
(c) She is confident.
(d) She is confused.

4. Now, why does Marya think her problems started again?
(a) Being in her parents' house causes her to regress.
(b) Eating causes her to feel sad and guilty.
(c) She wanted them to happen again.
(d) She was too tired to fight.

5. What does this person think about Marya's actions towards food?
(a) Normal.
(b) Easy to change.
(c) Should stop right away.
(d) Crazy.

6. Because of the seriousness of her condition, what must Marya endure?
(a) Random searches.
(b) Cruelty of other patients.
(c) A straight jacket.
(d) Twenty-four hour surveillance.

7. Whom does Marya move in with when she turns eighteen?
(a) A random man she meets.
(b) A childhood friend.
(c) Her boyfriend.
(d) Her friend Sybil.

8. The antibiotic that the doctor gives Marya _______________.
(a) Makes her want to eat more.
(b) Makes her not eat.
(c) Makes her head hurt.
(d) Makes her throw up.

9. How is Marya handling a job and school?
(a) She does not have a job.
(b) Poorly she is failing.
(c) She is pretty average.
(d) Very well. She has a 4.0.

10. At the end of the chapter, what is Marya allowed to do?
(a) Read her books and live in her own world.
(b) Take dance classes.
(c) Take classes at the University of Minnesota.
(d) Go to stay with relatives.

11. What is the main part of this Interlude?
(a) Marya's memories of recovering from an eating disorder.
(b) Marya's memories of her childhood.
(c) Marya's memories of meeting her husband.
(d) Marya's memories of trying to fit in with other people.

12. If Marya does not eat, what will happen?
(a) She will starve.
(b) She will get very tired.
(c) They will force her to eat.
(d) The other girls will be mad at her.

13. When Marya's parents come home from their first trip, what do they find?
(a) The toilet is clogged with vomit.
(b) Marya is very thin.
(c) The house is a complete mess.
(d) The man Marya had sex with.

14. What causes Marya to crash her father's car on the way home?
(a) She was drunk.
(b) She had not eaten in days and passed out.
(c) A drunk driver crashed into her.
(d) She was angry with him.

15. What keeps Marya eating?
(a) She realizes what it is like to be a healthy human being.
(b) Her dark passenger.
(c) Her husband's will.
(d) The doctors from the hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Marya is six, what does she do with her life plan?

2. When she is given anesthesia for the dental extraction, what happens?

3. What does Marya begin to lose her control over?

4. Although Marya is dating and making new friends at school, what happens at night?

5. How does Mayra feel while at this place?

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