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Marya Hornbacher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What keeps Marya eating?
(a) Her dark passenger.
(b) The doctors from the hospital.
(c) She realizes what it is like to be a healthy human being.
(d) Her husband's will.

2. If Marya does not eat, what will happen?
(a) They will force her to eat.
(b) She will get very tired.
(c) She will starve.
(d) The other girls will be mad at her.

3. Where does Marya find herself in 1991?
(a) At Methodist Hospital.
(b) At Lowe House.
(c) In college.
(d) At home with her parents.

4. As a child, Marya feels as though she is scared of____________.
(a) All clothes, especially shoes.
(b) All clothes, especially shirts.
(c) All clothes, especially socks.
(d) All clothes, especially jeans.

5. Why does Marya begin to cry after she has aborted the baby?
(a) She realizes that her problems are still not solved.
(b) She realizes what she has done.
(c) She thinks she looks fat.
(d) She is afraid of her parents finding out.

6. By saying this, what becomes all right?
(a) Marya's feelings.
(b) Marya's quest for love.
(c) Marya's pride in the weight loss.
(d) Marya's longing.

7. Why is the act of feeling bones exciting for Marya?
(a) She is able to control herself and her weight.
(b) She can feel her anorexic body returning.
(c) She is on her way to recovery.
(d) It means she is dying, which she wants.

8. What does Marya do when she looks in the mirror?
(a) Remembers that she should not eat.
(b) Thinks she looks beautiful.
(c) Wishes she had a boyfriend.
(d) Checks on how fat she has gotten.

9. When Marya practices anorexia, how does she feel?
(a) Calm.
(b) Like she is completely in control of her life.
(c) Like she is losing control.
(d) The happiest she has ever felt.

10. When Marya goes to the hospital weighing 82 pounds, the doctor suggests that she try to gain weight. What does this show?
(a) He is not a good doctor.
(b) The lack of understanding about eating disorders in the medical field.
(c) He does not care about patients with eating disorders.
(d) He sees Marya's problem as short term.

11. How is Marya handling a job and school?
(a) Poorly she is failing.
(b) She is pretty average.
(c) Very well. She has a 4.0.
(d) She does not have a job.

12. What happens to her body during this time?
(a) She loses her memory.
(b) She has night sweats.
(c) She gains 15 pounds.
(d) She loses 15 pounds.

13. The first time her parents leave Marya alone, what happens?
(a) She begins cutting herself.
(b) She behaves herself.
(c) She locks herself in her room.
(d) She binges and eats all the food in the house.

14. What does Marya think of her life in D.C.?
(a) She describes it as suicidal.
(b) It is very productive.
(c) She meets very cool people.
(d) It is the ideal life.

15. Marya thinks she is a hypocrite while visiting her grandmother because ____________.
(a) She is trying to stay positive when she only has negative thoughts.
(b) She thinks her grandmother is right.
(c) She thinks her cousins are fat.
(d) She is warning girls to stay away from eating disorders when she is has one.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the end, Marya thinks that her eating disorder is _____.

2. Does Marya think that eating disorders occur often in this country?

3. When Mayra moves out of her parents' house, what does she stop doing?

4. When Marya's brother Paul hugs her goodbye, what does he realize?

5. What does Marya tell her family about her recovery?

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