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Marya Hornbacher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marya believe about her body?
(a) It is wonderful.
(b) It will change when she is older.
(c) It is awful.
(d) It is a costume.

2. Where is Methodist Hospital located?
(a) Charleston, South Carolina.
(b) Minneapolis, Minnesota.
(c) Atlanta, Georgia.
(d) New Orleans, Louisiana.

3. What does food do for many people?
(a) Makes people feel calmer and nurtured.
(b) Nurtures them.
(c) Makes them fat.
(d) Makes them feel very calm.

4. At the end of the chapter, what have Marya's parents decided they should do with her?
(a) Send her to her grandmother.
(b) Put her in an eating disorder treatment center.
(c) Send her to live with cousins.
(d) Put her in a foster care home.

5. Why has Marya decided to write her book?
(a) To make herself feel better about her problem.
(b) To make new friends.
(c) To create press for herself and the disease she faces.
(d) Will keep others from having her same experiences.

6. What does the introduction to the story show?
(a) Eating disorders are easily managed.
(b) Eating disorders are not real disorders.
(c) Anorexia has serious consequences.
(d) Most people have an eating disorder.

7. What does Marya reveal to her psychiatrist?
(a) She is crazy.
(b) She is bulimic.
(c) She hates her body.
(d) She has a lot of unprotected sex.

8. What is not enough to cure eating disorders?
(a) Pills and positive communication.
(b) Help from friends and family.
(c) Therapy.
(d) Pills.

9. Where else does Marya go to for her disorders?
(a) Alcoholics Anonymous.
(b) Midwest Teen clinic.
(c) Teen-Age Medical Services (TAMS) clinic.
(d) Chicago's Eating Disorder Clinic.

10. Instead of focusing on getting better, what does Mayra practice while at Methodist's Treatment center?
(a) Her reading skills.
(b) Her writing ability.
(c) Her acting skills.
(d) Her makeup skills.

11. What happens when Jane and Marya meet?
(a) Marya thinks that Jane is having a stroke.
(b) Marya becomes scared.
(c) Marya becomes happier.
(d) Marya believes Jane is having a heart attack.

12. What does Marya realize about her lies?
(a) How obvious her lies were to her friends and family.
(b) How well she lied.
(c) Lies became a lifestyle.
(d) Lying created many of her problems.

13. What is very rampant and obvious at Interlochen?
(a) New beginnings.
(b) Eating disorders.
(c) Jealousy.
(d) Sex and drug abuse.

14. How did Mayra's parents use Mayra?
(a) To manipulate each other.
(b) To get money from their parents.
(c) To get money from the government.
(d) To live out their own childhood dreams.

15. Who persuades her to tell her parents about the disease?
(a) Her aunt.
(b) A good friend.
(c) Her therapist.
(d) A school counselor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marya welcome about her stay at the hospital?

2. What happens during Marya's pregnancy?

3. Why does Mayra realize that she does not like to be touched?

4. Marya goes to the doctor complaining of ________________.

5. What do the anorexics think of the bulimics?

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