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Marya Hornbacher
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 2 Bulimia - Minnesota (1982-1989).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What influenced Marya's eating habits?
(a) Her friends' teasing.
(b) Her experiences with boys.
(c) Her father's berating her.
(d) Her mother's odd eating habits.

2. How did Mayra's parents use Mayra?
(a) To manipulate each other.
(b) To get money from their parents.
(c) To get money from the government.
(d) To live out their own childhood dreams.

3. To keep up appearances of normalcy, what do Marya's parents do?
(a) Send Marya to boarding school.
(b) Let Marya run the show.
(c) Stretch the boundaries of their idea of normal.
(d) Control Marya with all their rules.

4. Where industry did Mayra's parents work in?
(a) The theatre.
(b) Public Relations.
(c) Mining.
(d) Movies.

5. Why does Marya keep trying to develop her eating disorders?
(a) They are the cool thing to have at school.
(b) They make her feel like she is connected to her body.
(c) She wants to do what her friends do.
(d) They give her control over her body.

Short Answer Questions

1. Growing up, how does Mayra feel in her body?

2. In a ballet class, what does four-year-old Mayra feel about her own body?

3. Why does Marya become extremely angry with a doctor?

4. When Marya turns seven, where does her father plan to take her?

5. When Marya tries to dream big, what do her parents tell her?

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