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Marya Hornbacher
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before she leaves for winter break, what is Marya eating?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Cream, carrot sticks, celery sticks, and mustard.
(c) Vegetables only.
(d) Only fruit and vegetables.

2. Whose instructions are not being followed?
(a) Marya's own.
(b) Her mother's suggestions.
(c) Kathi, the nurse from Methodist.
(d) Her doctor's orders.

3. Why does Marya become extremely angry with a doctor?
(a) He fails to realize the threat Jane is under.
(b) He is acting nonchalant.
(c) He is not listening to Jane.
(d) He reprimands Jane for her behavior.

4. To Mayra, what does sex do for her?
(a) Is pleasurable for her.
(b) Helps her feel a connection to men.
(c) Makes her feel trapped.
(d) Allows her to control men.

5. When she became pregnant, what didn't Marya know about?
(a) Condoms.
(b) Birth Control.
(c) That she could get pregnant from sex.
(d) The birth control pill.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where else does Marya go to for her disorders?

2. How does Marya chicken out and not take advantage of her opportunity to get better?

3. What does Marya show the doctor?

4. Whom does Marya meet at school?

5. How is Marya handling a job and school?

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