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Marya Hornbacher
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 3 The Actor's Part - Michigan (1989 - 1990).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Marya believes that eating disorders are ____________.
(a) Excuses.
(b) A way to be perfect.
(c) Addictions.
(d) Nuisances.

2. To Marya, what does life seem to be?
(a) Too long to live.
(b) Too difficult to live.
(c) A mistake for her to continue.
(d) She wants someone to care for her in life.

3. At the end of the chapter, what have Marya's parents decided they should do with her?
(a) Send her to her grandmother.
(b) Put her in a foster care home.
(c) Put her in an eating disorder treatment center.
(d) Send her to live with cousins.

4. Why does Marya keep trying to develop her eating disorders?
(a) They give her control over her body.
(b) They are the cool thing to have at school.
(c) She wants to do what her friends do.
(d) They make her feel like she is connected to her body.

5. To live up to the rumors around her, what does Marya begin to do?
(a) Talk back to teachers.
(b) Sleep with skanky boys.
(c) Try to do better in schoolk.
(d) Act like a snob.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the lowest weight that Mayra got down to?

2. To Marya, what goes hand and hand with being rich or wealthy?

3. In a ballet class, what does four-year-old Mayra feel about her own body?

4. Where industry did Mayra's parents work in?

5. How did Mayra's parents try to reward her?

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