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Marya Hornbacher
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Interlude - November 5, 1996.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who persuades her to tell her parents about the disease?
(a) A good friend.
(b) Her aunt.
(c) Her therapist.
(d) A school counselor.

2. Why is this section called aftermath?
(a) Marya misses her life before her eating disorder.
(b) Marya is always trying to deal with the consequences of her actions.
(c) Marya wishes she could take back her actions.
(d) Marya hates the consequences of her sickness.

3. What is the main part of this Interlude?
(a) Marya's memories of trying to fit in with other people.
(b) Marya's memories of her childhood.
(c) Marya's memories of meeting her husband.
(d) Marya's memories of recovering from an eating disorder.

4. What does she worry about?
(a) Getting too thin.
(b) Scaring her husband.
(c) Hurting her family.
(d) Her body getting fatter.

5. What does anorexia represent to the girls in the clinic and the outside world?
(a) They are concerned about physical looks only.
(b) You are able to deny yourself food.
(c) They are in control of their bodies.
(d) They are out of control of their bodies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marya welcome about her stay at the hospital?

2. What happens to people that have not eaten in a long time or have not eaten properly?

3. Where does Marya convince her parents to send her?

4. Does Marya think that eating disorders occur often in this country?

5. What does Marya call her doctor in the book?

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