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Ron Chernow
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5, The President: Chapters 46-63.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Washington married the woman in #53, he became a very wealthy man by appearances only because much of the money was set aside for _________________________.
(a) The military.
(b) Taxes.
(c) The county.
(d) Her children.

2. Who was the first husband of Washington's wife?
(a) Benjamin Joseph Hargrove.
(b) John James Cochran.
(c) Daniel Parke Custis.
(d) Nathaniel David Bryce.

3. Why was Washington envious of Jacky Custis?
(a) Jacky had the opportunity for a formal education.
(b) Jacky had broad shoulders.
(c) Jacky had thick, dark hair.
(d) Jacky had a good sense of humor.

4. Washington quickly became aware of the difficulty of _____________________________.
(a) Running a farm.
(b) Editing a newspaper.
(c) Raising stepchildren.
(d) Relying on imports from Britain.

5. Who did Washington appoint as Chief Justice to the Supreme Court?
(a) James Calvert.
(b) John Adams.
(c) John Jay.
(d) Henry Clay.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Washington help plan while at the location in #102?

2. Alexander Hamilton delivered the Report on Public Credit that included his assertion that the federal government should take on the states' debts ________________________.

3. Who was the envoy who Washington sent to England to demand the end of their seizing American ships and imprisoning American citizens they thought were British deserters?

4. What was Washington reluctant to support in the early years of his Presidency?

5. How old was the person in #105 when he/she died in 1781?

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