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James Thomas Flexner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which two countries began battling in the United States in 1755?
(a) France and Spain.
(b) England and Spain.
(c) France and England.
(d) Germany and Spain.

2. What neighborhood did Rochambeau's army move to in July 1781?
(a) Manhattan Ferry.
(b) Harpers Ferry.
(c) Washington Ferry.
(d) Dobbs Ferry.

3. In 1755, which general enlisted Washington to navigate a path in the Ohio Valley?
(a) Horatio Gates.
(b) Edward Braddock.
(c) Anthony Wayne.
(d) Robert Lee.

4. What river did Washington's horse fall into after the bridge gave way?
(a) East River.
(b) Potomac River.
(c) Hudson River.
(d) Housatonic River.

5. While the British were not attacking the United States, what was the enemy?
(a) The Hessians.
(b) Unemployment.
(c) Inflation.
(d) The French.

Short Answer Questions

1. Washington believed he was cheated out of a victory at the Battle of Monmouth by which person?

2. How did Washington's wife react to Washington's new role as head of the Continental Army?

3. What did the American colonists throw overboard into the Boston Harbor?

4. What happened to the greatest combat general when attacking Quebec?

5. What did Washington warn his troops about as he settled them into their winter quarters?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Washington's crossing of the Delaware River in 1777.

2. Who was General Nathanael Green?

3. Describe what George Washington was by birth and training according to Flexner.

4. Describe Horatio Gates appearance.

5. Between 1768-1775, what changes occurred to Mount Vernon?

6. Describe Cornwallis and Greene's military moves in 1781.

7. Describe the British operations after becoming tired of the Ohio Wilderness in 1755.

8. Describe George Washington's childhood home.

9. Describe the British encampment in Germantown.

10. How did Benedict Arnold attempt to impress his love, Peggy Shipman?

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