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James Thomas Flexner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who became the new Attorney General after the death of William Bradford?
(a) Thomas Chase.
(b) Charles Lee.
(c) Oliver Ellsworth.
(d) James McHenry.

2. Who was noted as being an "Anglophobe"?
(a) John Adams.
(b) Thomas Jefferson.
(c) George Washington.
(d) James Madison.

3. Who helped prepare Washington's farewell address?
(a) John Adams.
(b) Alexander Hamilton.
(c) Thomas Jefferson.
(d) James Madison.

4. What was Washington's main reason for seeking retirement?
(a) Fear of anarchy.
(b) Low public opinion.
(c) Fear of being killed.
(d) Loss of mental power.

5. What disease plagued the area around Mount Vernon in 1793?
(a) Syphilis.
(b) Tuberculosis.
(c) Yellow fever.
(d) Hepatitis.

6. What did Jefferson study while in Europe?
(a) Music.
(b) Art.
(c) Architecture.
(d) Law.

7. Who were people personally upset with concerning the Jay Treaty?
(a) John Jay.
(b) Oliver Wolcott Jr.
(c) George Washington.
(d) Edmund Randolph.

8. On what day in 1783 did Washington arrive in Mount Vernon?
(a) New Years Day.
(b) His birthday.
(c) Christmas Day.
(d) Christmas Eve.

9. Which city became the temporary capitol of the United States?
(a) Alexandria.
(b) New York City.
(c) Boston.
(d) Philadelphia.

10. Who was appointed to succeed Jefferson as Secretary of State?
(a) John Jay.
(b) Robert Livingston.
(c) Thomas Johnson.
(d) Edmund Randolph.

11. What were Washington's feelings on attending the Constitutional Convention?
(a) He was anxious to attend.
(b) He felt obligated to attend.
(c) He dreaded attending.
(d) He was excited to attend.

12. What was in the worst shape in Mount Vernon?
(a) The church.
(b) Washington's farms.
(c) Washington's house.
(d) The streets.

13. What did the Treaty of Alliance commit the U.S. to protect?
(a) Louisiana.
(b) French settlements in South America.
(c) The French West Indies.
(d) All French ships.

14. Who was seen as Washington's only rival in leadership at the convention?
(a) James Madison.
(b) Alexander Hamilton.
(c) John Adams.
(d) Benjamin Franklin.

15. How many miles did Washington keep travel after leaving Philadelphia?
(a) 1,777 miles.
(b) 2,000 miles.
(c) 1,500 miles.
(d) 1,887 miles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which two states chartered the Potomac Canal Company?

2. Who replaced Henry Knox as Secretary of War?

3. Who did Washington appoint as Secretary of War?

4. Where did Washington send the order to allow Randolph to reveal the plans?

5. Who wrote "the tree of liberty had to be watered by human blood"?

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