Objects & Places from Washington, the Indispensable Man

James Thomas Flexner
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Pope's Creek, Virginia

This is the location of George Washington's birthplace.

The Rappahannock River

This river flows through eastern Virginia near the childhood home of George Washington.

Fredericksburg, Virginia

This was the location of George Washington's boyhood home.

Belvoir Mansion

This was the home of British Fairfax family that supported the young George Washington.

The Ohio Valley

This was the place where Washington was commissioned to lead a small expedition to gain intelligence on the French army during 1753 and 1754.

The Shot Heard Round the World

This symbolizes the beginning of the American Revolution against the British when the two armies engage in battle at Concord, Massachusetts.

Bunker Hill

This area near Boston came under siege on June 17, 1775.

Common Sense

This document written by Thomas Paine, outlined arguments against the colonies being ruled by Great Britain.

Declaration of Independence

This document drafted by the Continental Congress declared freedom of...

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