Daily Lessons for Teaching Washington, the Indispensable Man

James Thomas Flexner
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Lesson 1

Objective: A Powerful Apprenticeship, A Clumsy Entrance on the World Stage and Love and Massacre The first three chapters provide insight and background into Washington's childhood and early military life. This lesson will focus on the background and experiences that helped shape Washington into a military leader.

1) Class Discussion: Washington's early life was full of experiences that shaped his life as a general and eventually the first President. Discuss with the class the importance of childhood experiences. What qualities or experiences as a child helped or influenced Washington? How did Washington's father's death impact him and the surviving members of his family?

2) Partner Activity: Select a partner and analyze Washington's first military experiences in 1753. Was Washington successful in leading the British through Wilderness trails? What childhood skills did Washington use to help accomplish the task? Predict how the experience of leading the British through the Ohio Valley...

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