Washington, the Indispensable Man Fun Activities

James Thomas Flexner
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Washington and the Revolution Matching Game

Draw or print out 3" x 3" pictures of at least fifteen people mentioned in the book. Students will turn the cards over and try to match the people. Students also need to write a brief description about the people under the drawing.

The Benedict Arnold Card Game

Create a card game of at least 15 people + Benedict Arnold. The goal of the game is to match the people. The person that ends up with Benedict Arnold loses.

Character Posters

Create a poster depicting one of the people mentioned in the book. For each person, write personal or physical characteristics the reader would expect to learn about that person.

The President's Security

Role play scenarios in which students protect an appointed president of the day. Research and print articles on presidential security. Be ready to present your article and the reason for selecting the article...

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