Washington, the Indispensable Man Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Thomas Flexner
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A Powerful Apprenticeship, A Clumsy Entrance on the World Stage and Love and Massacre

• George Washington was not born into a noble family.

• He was born near Pope's Creek, Virginia.

• George Washington's father died when George was eleven.

• Washington became a surveyor.
• George Washington won the position of Adjunct General of Virginia and trained young men for battle.

• Washington's first military experience was eradicating the French from the Ohio Valley in 1753-1754.

• George Washington rented the Mount Vernon property from his half-brother's widow and wanted to become a planter.

• Washington, under the command of Maj. Gen. Braddock, helped navigate the army on the same path through the Ohio Valley.

Desperation and Disillusionment, George Washington's First War and A Virginia Businessman

• British were not impressed with the young militiamen.

• Washington recruited to protect the colonists against frequent Indian raids.

• During the war between the French and English, George was...

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