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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom did Dr. Sloper bequest his money?
(a) To Catherine.
(b) To Mrs. Penniman.
(c) To Mrs. Almond.
(d) To hospitals and asylums.

2. What does Catherine do at the start of Chapter 18?
(a) Go talk to her aunt.
(b) Go talk to her cousin.
(c) Go talk to her father.
(d) Go talk to Mr. Townsend.

3. Why does the one who always supports Dr. Sloper give him that advice?
(a) Because Catherine does not deserve such treatment.
(b) Because he misread Mr. Townsend.
(c) Because Mrs. Penniman means well.
(d) Because Catherine will never relent.

4. What does Dr. Sloper ask Catherine about before heading back to the U.S.?
(a) If she has set a wedding date.
(b) If she still feels the same about Mr. Townsend.
(c) If she still wants to elope.
(d) If she still dislikes Mrs. Penniman for interfering.

5. What would Dr. Sloper rather have his daughter believe than seeing her in an unhappy marriage?
(a) That he hates her.
(b) That he will never surrender.
(c) That he hates Mr. Townsend.
(d) That he wants money for himself.

6. What does Catherine request?
(a) To stay behind until they can meet.
(b) To go with him.
(c) To follow him.
(d) To go before him.

7. What does Catherine tell Mr. Townsend in Chapter 26?
(a) That her father is wavering in his decision.
(b) That her father did not change his mind.
(c) That her father wants her to wait another six months.
(d) That her father has found another suitor for her.

8. Who is always supporting Dr. Sloper?
(a) Mrs. Almond.
(b) Mrs. Penniman.
(c) Mr. Townsend.
(d) Mrs. Montgomery.

9. What promise does Catherine refuse to make to her father?
(a) That she will not give money away.
(b) That she will not marry.
(c) That she will not contest the will.
(d) That she will not marry Mr. Townsend upon his death.

10. Why does Catherine want to leave the house?
(a) She doesn't want to live with Mrs. Penniman.
(b) She can't stand Mrs. Penniman's interference.
(c) She wants to to live with Mr. Townsend out of wedlock.
(d) She doesn't want to follow her father's rules anymore.

11. Against whom does Dr. Sloper have a strong opinion?
(a) Catherine.
(b) Mrs. Penniman.
(c) Mrs. Almond.
(d) Mr. Townsend.

12. Of what is Mrs Penniman aware?
(a) The fight between Catherine and Mr. Townsend.
(b) Mr. Townsend's doubting of the engagement.
(c) Dr. Sloper's tracking of Mr. Towsend's expenses.
(d) The fight between Catherine and her father.

13. What is Catherine doing while being pushed out of the study?
(a) Crying.
(b) Screaming.
(c) Convulsing.
(d) Punching.

14. About what does Mrs. Penniman tell Catherine when she returns?
(a) Mr. Townsend's plan to elope with her friend Caroline.
(b) Mr. Townsend's plan to formally ask her hand of her father.
(c) Mr. Townsend's plan to end their engagement.
(d) Mr. Townsend's plan to go to Europe.

15. On what does Catherine tell Mr. Townsend they can survive?
(a) Her mother's money and Mr. Townsend's money.
(b) Her mother's money.
(c) Her mother's money and her aunt's money.
(d) Her aunt's money.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Catherine react to seeing Mr. Townsend?

2. Why does Mr. Townsend turn down Catherine's suggestion?

3. How long do Catherine and her father end up spending in Europe?

4. What does Mrs. Penniman say she might have been in haste to do?

5. Where is Mr Townsend in Chapter 34?

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