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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Dr. Sloper want to set up the meeting?
(a) To see if he can help her.
(b) To learn how to get rid of Mr. Townsend.
(c) To meet Catherine's future sister-in-law.
(d) To learn about Mr. Townsend.

2. What does Dr. Sloper tease Catherine about?
(a) Her outgrowing her stoutness.
(b) Her sudden beauty.
(c) Her making friends.
(d) Her being in love.

3. Who does Dr. Sloper visit in Chapter 6?
(a) Mr. Townsend.
(b) Mrs. Montgomery.
(c) His younger sister.
(d) His older sister.

4. What does Mr. Townsend insist on doing elsewhere?
(a) Marrying Catherine.
(b) Meeting Catherine's father.
(c) Living.
(d) Meeting with Catherine.

5. Where does Dr. Sloper's younger sister live?
(a) On the same street.
(b) In Boston.
(c) Across town.
(d) Two towns over.

6. How does Catherine feel when close to Mr. Townsend?
(a) Perplexed.
(b) Dizzy.
(c) Amused.
(d) Interested.

7. What does the person Mr. Townsend meets insist he will do?
(a) Move to Europe with Catherine.
(b) Marry Catherine, but refuse to have children.
(c) Spend all of Catherine's money and force her to live in poverty.
(d) Leave Catherine for a younger woman.

8. What does Dr. Sloper pledge to Mrs. Montgomery?
(a) Work on her home.
(b) His support.
(c) Money.
(d) A horse.

9. Where does Catherine meet her first beau?
(a) A trip to the spa.
(b) A party.
(c) In a park.
(d) A fitting at a dress store.

10. What does Dr. Sloper suggest in teasing in Chapter 6?
(a) That Mr. Townsend might propose to Catherine.
(b) That Mrs. Penniman might have found her next husband.
(c) That Mr. Townsend might be married.
(d) That Catherine might elope.

11. How many children does Mr. Townsend have?
(a) 5.
(b) 8.
(c) 6.
(d) 7.

12. How does Catherine grow up to be in the eyes of her father?
(a) Interesting and stout.
(b) Plain and beautiful.
(c) Plain and stout.
(d) Clever and beautiful.

13. What does Dr. Sloper decide he needs to do?
(a) Learn about Mr. Townsend.
(b) Teach his daughter a lesson.
(c) Get his daughter married as soon as possible.
(d) Encourage the relationship between Mr. Townsend and his daughter.

14. What does Mr. Townsend say he does not want to do any longer?
(a) Go to Washington Square.
(b) Talk to Mrs. Penniman.
(c) Talk to her.
(d) Cross paths with her father.

15. Who does Mr. Townsend bring to meet Catherine?
(a) His brother-in-law.
(b) His sister.
(c) His cousin.
(d) His son.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Townsend teach to his sister's children?

2. Who does Dr. Sloper visit in Chapter 13?

3. What does Catherine fear in Chapter 10?

4. What does Dr. Sloper ask of his sister?

5. When do Dr. Sloper and Catherine make their regular visit according to Chapter 9?

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