Washington Square Character Descriptions

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Catherine Sloper - This person is twenty at the beginning of the novel, is not very attractive, slightly overweight and when she is courted, it is assumed that it is because of the money.

Dr. Austin Sloper - This person is strong and intelligent and cuts the inheritance for his daughter to a fifth of what it was and dies believing his daughter is still in love with an ex-fiance.

Mrs. Lavinia Penniman - This person lives precariously through a relative's own romantic relationships and causes trouble between her and her relative.

Mrs. Elizabeth Almond - This person acts as a confidante and is convinced that someone will remain forever in love, but is eventually proven wrong.

Marian Almond Townsend - This person is the main character's cousin and her mother throws a party for her engagement.

Mr. Morris Townsend - This person is a young gentleman...

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