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Chapters 1-4

• In Chapter 1, Dr, Sloper is 50 years old.

• In the 1820's, Dr Sloper married Miss Catherine Harrington, a wealthy young woman, for love.

• Dr, Sloper and his wife have a son who dies at age 3.

• Dr, Sloper has a daughter two years later, but Catherine (the mother) dies a week after giving birth.

• The girl is named Catherine after her mother.
• In Chapter 2, Dr Sloper's widowed sister, Mrs Penniman, comes to live with him when Catherine is 10 and quickly takes over her education.

• Mrs. Penniman is given a mission by her brother to raise Catherine to be smart, but instead raises her to be a romantic like she is.

• Catherine grows up being plain and somewhat stout.
• In Chapter 3, Dr. Sloper moves his family to Washington Square.

• Dr. Sloper's other sister, Mrs. Almond, lives across town.

• Catherine often visits her 7 cousins across town.
• In Chapter 4, Catherine meets...

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