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Short Answer Questions

1. At the club dinner, what is Pierre so preoccupied with that he doesn't hear what is being said to him?

2. What engrosses Pierre after the duel?

3. Natasha goes to her first grand ball. How does it go for her?

4. After his proposal to Vera, Berg comes to visit Count Rostov about Vera's dowry. What does the Count say to him?

5. How does Andrew react when he sees Lise after the birth of their son?

Short Essay Questions

1. What goes through Andrew's mind during the New Years Eve ball?

2. What does Pierre's steward think when Pierre goes to his estates and recommends reforms?

3. What happens between Bazdeev and Pierre at the post station?

4. How does the old prince react to Lise's death and why?

5. Dolokhov was last seen at Austerlitz talking back to a superior officer. What has happened since that time?

6. What happens with Andrew at the war council and what leads up to it?

7. What happens when Boris frequently visits the Rostovs and Natasha in particular?

8. Why is Pierre so unconcerned for his future?

9. How does Andrew react to his trip to Brunn?

10. Prince Vasili is described in the beginning at Anna Pavlovna's soiree. What is Prince Vasili's most notable characteristic at this point in the story.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Andrew's first visit with the Rostovs. What is the thing that symbolizes him and what happens to him during the visit and how does it relate to him? Describe the alteration from the beginning of the trip to the end and how the analogy with the object illustrates this.

Essay Topic 2

Count Rostov and Countess Rostova are very different from Prince Bolkonski. Compare and contrast fully. What is of merit and the opposite in qualities of the three? Be sure to make references from throughout the book.

Essay Topic 3

Is Andrew is reckless of his personal safety, or does he have delusions of grandeur? What motivates him at Borodino? Prince Andrew reflects a great deal on the nature of war and any role he might have in it. Explore his views about it and if they indicate that he is one or the other. Explore what leads up to Borodino and what follows in defending your argument.

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