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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Nicholas need to whisper to his wolf hound?

2. At his home, what advice does Prince Andrew give to Pierre?

3. Nicholas brings his friend Denisov with him and excitedly speaks as they approach. What is Denisov's reaction?

4. Pierre goes to visit Prince Andrew at Bogucharovo. How does Andrew appear to him?

5. Prince Andrew goes to the Rostovs' as Count Rostov is the Marshal for the district and he must see him on account of his being trustee of the Ryazan estate. How does he react to being with the Rostov's from beginning to end?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens between Bazdeev and Pierre at the post station?

2. How do Andrew and his family react to Pierre's surprise visit to Bogucharovo?

3. What are the obvious differences between Prince Andrew and Pierre that is illustrated at the start of the story?

4. What does Pierre's steward think when Pierre goes to his estates and recommends reforms?

5. How does Pierre end up engaged to Helene?

6. Why is Pierre so unconcerned for his future?

7. Why does the old Prince insist that Andrew delay his marriage for a year?

8. Dolokhov wants to beat Rostov at cards and sets a monetary number for himself. What is this number and how and why does he arrive at it?

9. What strange aspect do readers see in Dolokhov in the chapters following the duel?

10. What goes through Andrew's mind during the New Years Eve ball?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sonya and Mary: Nicholas is drawn to them both. Why? Explore the differences between the two, how they change through the book and how Nicholas' viewpoint changes and why.

Essay Topic 2

Explore Sonya's character. Is she a generous person or is she selfish? How does Tolstoy change the reader's attitude about her?

Essay Topic 3

In the story nearly as much narrative is devoted to combat as to society... or it may seem that way. Describe the juxtaposition of the two elements and their importance to the story. How is it or not? Why is it or not?

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