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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kutuzov react when he hears that the French have left Moscow?
(a) He is unusually angry that the Tsar and his staff have not had faith in him.
(b) He has expected it all along.
(c) He thanks God and weeps.
(d) He is pleased but still worried about upcoming battles.

2. When Pierre goes to see Andrew after his return from his cure, who is Andrew talking about and what does he say before and immediately after their greeting?
(a) He is discussing Kutuzov and that he has the interests of Russia foremost in his decisions.
(b) He is discussing Bagration and that he is extremely valuable in his position.
(c) He is discussing Speranski and says that he has done more good for Russia than anyone else.
(d) He is discussing Speranski and how so much of what he did was not really useful.

3. How does Natasha react when Anatole tells her he is in love with her?
(a) She is flattered and presses his hand.
(b) She is overcome with delight and says nothing except that she is already engaged.
(c) She tells him not to say that; she is engaged and in love with another man.
(d) She is uncomfortable at his lack of propriety, and questions how he could be in love with someone he's only just met the day before.

4. Why does Boris speed up his courting of Julie Karagina?
(a) He is madly in love with her and sees with each visit that she is increasingly receptive to his attentions.
(b) He is madly in love with her and fears if he doesn't propose quickly, he will lose the opportunity.
(c) His leave is ending and he is having trouble finding time to visit with her as he has so much to do.
(d) His mother, Anna Mikhaylovna, tells him that Prince Vasili is trying to arrange a marriage between Julie and Anatole.

5. Shortly after Natasha's recovery from her illness, why does Pierre decide not to visit with the Rostovs anymore?
(a) He realizes that he is in love with Natasha and is made uncomfortable by her attentions to him.
(b) He becomes occupied in joining the army and cannot spend time with them.
(c) He is angry of Natasha's continued love for Andrew when Andrew refuses to forgive her.
(d) Countess Rostova tells him that Natasha is only happy when he is around.

Short Answer Questions

1. Pierre is shown a section of Revelations by one of his fellow Masons which corresponds with Napoleon. What does he find in reading it?

2. How long did the French and Russians not engage in battle after Borodino?

3. What torments Natasha when she thinks about Andrew after his death?

4. What happens to Mary when she is leaving Bogucharovo for Moscow?

5. Why does Nicholas go to Voronezh?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Tolstoy's view of Count Rostopchin's actions in Moscow immediately preceding the arrival of the French?

2. Where does Pierre go after Borodino and how has he reacted to the battle?

3. What happens between the Tsar and Kutuzov at Vilna after the last battle the Russians have with the French?

4. How does Pierre comfort Natasha after she tries to kill herself and how does she regard his words?

5. What happens to Nicholas when he and his regiment attack the French at Ostróvna?

6. What does Tolstoy say changes in the nature of war when the French move from Smolensk to Moscow?

7. Why is Mary so unhappy when the Bolkonskis go to Moscow?

8. What change does Pierre notice in the French soldiers guarding him and other prisoners when they are leaving Moscow and how does he regard it?

9. How does Tolstoy view the causes of historical events (this is described while the French are in Moscow and the Russians are waiting in Tarútino for a good opportunity to attack)?

10. How does Sonya react to Natasha when she finds Anatole's letter to her?

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