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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Anna Mikhaylovna, Prince Vasili and Catiche argue about outside of the old Count's room?
(a) The need for the letter requesting Pierre's legitimacy to be found in his papers along with a new will making Pierre sole heir.
(b) The fact that none of them want Pierre to inherit if they don't inherit from the Count.
(c) Whether or not Anna should go to see the Count.
(d) That Catiche and her sisters should inherit most as they have cared for the Count.

2. Vera and Berg hold their first party. Who comes?
(a) Pierre, the Rostovs, Boris, a general, a colonel, Andrew, and some others.
(b) The Bezukhovs, Boris, some of Berg's military connections and the Rostovs.
(c) The Count and Countess Rostov, the Bezukhovs, Berg's colonel, and Boris.
(d) Pierre, the Rostovs, and Berg's superior officers.

3. Nicholas brings his friend Denisov with him and excitedly speaks as they approach. What is Denisov's reaction?
(a) He is very excited to be meeting the family of his good friend.
(b) He says, "Yes, I am happy for you but I shall just be happy to get out of the cold, my dear fellow."
(c) He can't hear anything Nicholas says because of the wind.
(d) He is asleep because he's had a lot of wine.

4. What does Dolokhov say to Rostov after the card game?
(a) "Unlucky at cards, lucky in love."
(b) "Your luck is astounding."
(c) "You have won, but I have won something much more important!"
(d) "Shall we play again tomorrow?"

5. How does Natasha behave at Ilagin's?
(a) She is weary from hunting and falls asleep.
(b) She is unhappy with the rustic nature of Ilagin's house and wants to go home.
(c) She loves his playing the guitar and dances for them.
(d) At Ilagin's insistence, she reluctantly sings while he plays guitar.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Count Rostov do when his wife asks him for a large sum of money, 500 rubles?

2. Princess Mary leaves her father's study after speaking with him about the Kuragins. What occurs very shortly after that?

3. Natasha goes into the conservatory to hide when her family is first introduced. What is she waiting for?

4. Princess Mary wishes to speak to Andrew before he leaves about a specific request. What is it?

5. Nicholas is patrolling the lines. What is running through his mind?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Kutuzov at odds with his generals while they are waiting for the French to leave Moscow?

2. What happens with Andrew at the war council and what leads up to it?

3. How do Andrew and his family react to Pierre's surprise visit to Bogucharovo?

4. In what state is Andrew when Natasha finds him traveling with her family out of Moscow, and what is his reaction to seeing her?

5. What change does Pierre notice in the French soldiers guarding him and other prisoners when they are leaving Moscow and how does he regard it?

6. What is Tolstoy's view of Count Rostopchin's actions in Moscow immediately preceding the arrival of the French?

7. What happens between Bazdeev and Pierre at the post station?

8. How does Helene resolve her dilemma over which of her two suitors she should marry?

9. What happens when Boris frequently visits the Rostovs and Natasha in particular?

10. What does Napoleon say to Rapp about colds and medicine before the battle of Borodino?

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