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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Nicholas handle his family's financial problems?
(a) He gets upset with his mother for begging him to come back to help when he knows nothing about such things.
(b) He gets upset with his father for mismanaging their estates.
(c) He goes to speak to the steward, gets very angry, and kicks him out the door.
(d) Though he comes home to offer support, he is unable to do anything.

2. Who is Anna Pavlovna's guest of honor at her soiree in Part 5?
(a) Pierre.
(b) Boris Drubetskoy.
(c) Hippolyte Kuragin.
(d) Helene.

3. After the affair of the stolen money, why is Nicholas ordered to apologize to his regiment?
(a) He's been caught with the money.
(b) He is being used as an example for other troublemakers.
(c) His accusing a fellow officer of theft could disgrace his regiment.
(d) His commanding officer wants to humble him as he thinks he's too proud.

4. What does Prince Andrew look at as he is driving through a forest that confirms he is feeling that his life has nothing new to offer?
(a) An animal carcass.
(b) An oak which has not yet leafed out.
(c) An abandoned hut.
(d) Dead trees.

5. Andrew has been taken prisoner by the French. What do they do with him?
(a) Napoleon sees him, remembers his carrying the Russian standard, and sends him to a hospital.
(b) Napoleon remembers him, admires his courage, and sends him to his own doctor to be tended.
(c) Napoleon remembers him, so they put him on a stretcher, but steal his icon.
(d) They put him on the stretcher but then determine that he is dead and so leave him in the field.

Short Answer Questions

1. Pierre goes to visit Prince Andrew at Bogucharovo. How does Andrew appear to him?

2. How does Pierre feel after the death of his father?

3. Vera and Berg hold their first party. Who comes?

4. What is Maria Dmitrievna's reputation in Russian social circles?

5. Nicholas goes home on leave. How does he react to Sonya?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens with Andrew at the war council and what leads up to it?

2. Dolokhov was last seen at Austerlitz talking back to a superior officer. What has happened since that time?

3. How does the old prince react to Lise's death and why?

4. Why is Pierre so unconcerned for his future?

5. Dolokhov wants to beat Rostov at cards and sets a monetary number for himself. What is this number and how and why does he arrive at it?

6. What are the obvious differences between Prince Andrew and Pierre that is illustrated at the start of the story?

7. How does Pierre end up engaged to Helene?

8. How has Prince Andrew changed by being involved in the war instead of St. Petersburg society? Why did this change occur?

9. What happens when Boris frequently visits the Rostovs and Natasha in particular?

10. How does Andrew react to his trip to Brunn?

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