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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Julie Drubetskaya gossip about as everyone is preparing to leave Moscow?
(a) Pierre's obvious liking for Natasha
(b) Pierre being ridiculous.
(c) The Rostovs' difficulty in selling their estate.
(d) The Rostovs, namely Natasha's quick recovery.

2. How does Pierre react to his situation during the march out of Moscow when they stop on the first night?
(a) He sees it as something he has to do and accepts it.
(b) He is upset at the treatment given to the prisoners and tries to fight the soldiers.
(c) He is frightened for the prisoners who are not strong enough to withstand such a march.
(d) He moves off by himself and begins to laugh in amazement at his situation.

3. Why is Petya forbidden by his general to take part in Denisov's action when he sends Petya with a dispatch for him?
(a) During a previous action, instead of staying back Petya rides to the front of the line and fires a pistol twice.
(b) Petya has disgraced himself with his generous but servile behavior with the rest of his regiment.
(c) Count Rostov has requested that Petya not be in action.
(d) Petya disobeys orders and, through his recklessness, disrupts an important skirmish.

4. Seven years after the war with France, how is Alexander regarded?
(a) He is regarded as a sovereign who did his best but his enthusiasm and youth hindered his judgment.
(b) He is highly respected for all the good he has done for Russian since that time.
(c) He is well esteemed for his desire to flog the invaders despite the actual outcome.
(d) He is looked upon with no respect for his mistakes with Napoleon.

5. Who stumbles out of the woods to join the Fifth Company before the battle of Krasnoe?
(a) Tikhon, the peasant.
(b) Mlle. Bourienne.
(c) The French corporal who had been nice to Pierre in Moscow.
(d) Ramballe, the soldier who went into Bazdeev's house, and his orderly.

6. Natasha receives a letter. What does it say and who is it from?
(a) It is from Anatole asking if Natasha will meet him secretly later in the evening.
(b) It is from Anatole declaring his love for her and saying that he has two choices: to be loved by her or to die.
(c) It is from Prince Andrew saying that he is about to return to Russia, and he has decided to marry her as soon as he returns.
(d) It is from Pierre warning her not to trust Anatole.

7. What happens to Mary right after her father dies?
(a) Mlle. Bourienne persuades Mary to stay at Bogucharovo, but the peasants do not want them there.
(b) The peasants on the land whom Andrew has freed refuse to let her leave for Moscow.
(c) The peasants on the land riot and keep her and Mlle. Bourienne confined to the house.
(d) The French enter the home and prevent her from leaving.

8. Why does Kutuzov need to worry about his staff when the Tsar writes to rebuke him in early October?
(a) Some of his staff members are trying to discredit him to the Tsar.
(b) All of the above.
(c) He has lost staff members, namely Prince Bagration and Barclay de Tolly.
(d) Some of his staff members are more interested in glory than in preserving Russia and the army.

9. Who pays special attention to Natasha at the opera with Maria Dmitrievna?
(a) Dolokhov.
(b) Helene.
(c) Boris.
(d) Anatole.

10. What news does Pierre hear from Rostopchin and his adjutant when he arrives back in Moscow after Borodino?
(a) Andrew is mortally wounded, and Moscow is being deserted.
(b) Anatole and Andrew have been killed and Helene is planning to marry again.
(c) Anatole has had his leg amputated and Helene is leaving Russia for Europe.
(d) Anatole is dying and Helene has converted to Catholicism.

11. Where do the Rostovs go after leaving Moscow?
(a) They go to a distant relation of the countess.
(b) They go to an inn near Moscow.
(c) They go to Otradnoe.
(d) They must stay in a small town fourteen miles from Moscow.

12. What happens when Count Orlov-Denisov and his Cossacks try to engage the French?
(a) They fail to surprise the French as the informer is an impostor who has led them into a trap.
(b) They engage the French and smash up the division separated from the rest of the French army.
(c) They arrive where the French are supposed to be but the entire army has joined them and the count looses most of his Cossacks.
(d) They are successful at engaging the French but once the Cossacks take prisoners and collect valuable booty, they won't continue the fight.

13. What has caused Helene's illness?
(a) She has taken too much of a certain drug.
(b) She has contracted an illness from her reckless behavior with men.
(c) She has angina pectoris.
(d) The "inconvenience" of having married two men.

14. Pierre is shown a section of Revelations by one of his fellow Masons which corresponds with Napoleon. What does he find in reading it?
(a) Napoleon's name in Russian and French adds up to 666.
(b) He sees that Napoleon is the beast and decides that he must spread this word to everyone in Russia.
(c) His name in French and Napoleon's both add up to 666.
(d) Knowing that Napoleon's name adds up to 666, he unsuccessfully tries to use the same calculations with his name.

15. When Pierre goes to see Andrew after his return from his cure, who is Andrew talking about and what does he say before and immediately after their greeting?
(a) He is discussing Speranski and how so much of what he did was not really useful.
(b) He is discussing Speranski and says that he has done more good for Russia than anyone else.
(c) He is discussing Kutuzov and that he has the interests of Russia foremost in his decisions.
(d) He is discussing Bagration and that he is extremely valuable in his position.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who assists Anatole in his abduction of Natasha?

2. How does Nicholas react to Mary when he arrives at Bogucharovo?

3. What does Mary notice when she and Natasha meet with Pierre?

4. What is Tolstoy's metaphor of the two fencers about?

5. What happens to Petya when he goes with Dolokhov to attack the French?

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