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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is in the force which comes and liberates Pierre?
(a) Petya.
(b) Dolokhov.
(c) All of the above.
(d) Denisov.

2. What does Pierre do when he goes out into the streets of Moscow to find Napoleon?
(a) He attacks some French soldiers with his dagger.
(b) He gets into a fight with several looters.
(c) He rescues a small child and then a young woman.
(d) He gets into a dispute with some looting soldiers and is taken prisoner.

3. Who does Maria Dmitrievna warn Natasha against?
(a) the old Prince.
(b) Helene.
(c) Anatole.
(d) Princess Mary.

4. Natasha receives a letter. What does it say and who is it from?
(a) It is from Pierre warning her not to trust Anatole.
(b) It is from Anatole declaring his love for her and saying that he has two choices: to be loved by her or to die.
(c) It is from Prince Andrew saying that he is about to return to Russia, and he has decided to marry her as soon as he returns.
(d) It is from Anatole asking if Natasha will meet him secretly later in the evening.

5. What does Natasha see happening to Mary in the future?
(a) She sees her marrying Nicholas.
(b) She has no thought for the future.
(c) She sees her living with her as a sister.
(d) She sees her marrying Pierre.

6. How long did the French and Russians not engage in battle after Borodino?
(a) Four weeks.
(b) Five days.
(c) Five months.
(d) Five weeks.

7. How do the French react to the ringing of bells when they enter Moscow?
(a) They are disturbed because they do not know the bells are ringing for vespers.
(b) They are pleased to hear them and think that services are still being held even though the city has been conquered.
(c) They are confused and wonder what the bells mean.
(d) They are joyful at such a pleasant sound thinking that the Russians are welcoming them.

8. How does Pierre react to Platon's illness when he is sitting by the birch tree?
(a) Pierre knows Platon is sick, but knows he cannot help him.
(b) Perre is compassionate and wants to help Platon.
(c) Pierre is afraid that he will catch the fever Platon has and leaves but then he feels guilty and goes back.
(d) Pierre does not want to go near Platon.

9. What happens when Dolokhov goes to spy in the French camp near the village?
(a) He is asked for the password tries to leave quickly but is hindered by trouble mounting his horse.
(b) He is asked for the password, doesn't have it, ignores the question, and moves on.
(c) The French offer him soup but he makes a mistake despite his fluency and they become alarmed.
(d) He is asked for the password, gives it, and is told how many French are there.

10. Who does Andrew meet outside of Kutuzov's quarters after the French have taken Smolensk?
(a) Denisov.
(b) Boris.
(c) Berg.
(d) Anatole.

11. Who does the countess first begin to talk to just before she begins to weep after Petya's death?
(a) Mary.
(b) Petya.
(c) The count.
(d) Natasha.

12. Who is the first to see the French at Ostrovna?
(a) Nicholas.
(b) None of these.
(c) Ilyin
(d) The regimental doctor.

13. Where do the Rostovs go after leaving Moscow?
(a) They go to Otradnoe.
(b) They go to an inn near Moscow.
(c) They go to a distant relation of the countess.
(d) They must stay in a small town fourteen miles from Moscow.

14. What happens to Mary when she is leaving Bogucharovo for Moscow?
(a) The peasants on the land whom Andrew has freed refuse to let her leave.
(b) The French enter the home and prevent her from leaving.
(c) Mlle. Bourienne persuades Mary to stay at Bogucharovo but the peasants do not want them there.
(d) The peasants on the land riot, destroy her carts and keep her and Mlle. Bourienne confined to the house.

15. What happens to Petya when he goes with Dolokhov to attack the French?
(a) He is shot in the head and falls from his horse.
(b) He obeys Denisov and tries to stay back.
(c) He is attacked by French soldiers and cut down with a saber.
(d) His horse stumbles on a coal and he falls, breaking his neck.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Nicholas meet with his squadron when seeking shelter at an inn from the rain?

2. Why does Pierre leave St. Petersburg for Moscow?

3. What prevents Anatole from openly courting Natasha?

4. What sort of man is Rostopchin?

5. What happens to Kutuzov after he sees the Tsar at Vilna?

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