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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Boris speed up his courting of Julie Karagina?
(a) His leave is ending and he is having trouble finding time to visit with her as he has so much to do.
(b) He is madly in love with her and sees with each visit that she is increasingly receptive to his attentions.
(c) His mother, Anna Mikhaylovna, tells him that Prince Vasili is trying to arrange a marriage between Julie and Anatole.
(d) He is madly in love with her and fears if he doesn't propose quickly, he will lose the opportunity.

2. How is Pierre feeling the first few days he is in Moscow before the French arrive?
(a) He is curious and wants to see what will happen.
(b) He admires Napoleon a great deal and wants to see what the great man will do.
(c) He is agitated and excited almost to the point of insanity.
(d) He is worried about the preservation of his servants.

3. Where do the wounded soldiers go when everyone is leaving Moscow before the French arrive?
(a) They ask to rest in the yards of the people leaving Moscow.
(b) They are all leaving Moscow as quickly as they can.
(c) Most go out of the city but a few go into the Rostovs' yard.
(d) They go to a hospital.

4. Why does Nicholas go to Voronezh?
(a) To get new horses for his regiment.
(b) To meet with the governor there with information from his commander.
(c) To find food and other equipment for his regiment.
(d) To get fresh ammunition for his regiment.

5. How does Pierre react to his situation during the march out of Moscow when they stop on the first night?
(a) He moves off by himself and begins to laugh in amazement at his situation.
(b) He is frightened for the prisoners who are not strong enough to withstand such a march.
(c) He is upset at the treatment given to the prisoners and tries to fight the soldiers.
(d) He sees it as something he has to do and accepts it.

6. How does Kutuzov react when he hears that the French have left Moscow?
(a) He is pleased but still worried about upcoming battles.
(b) He thanks God and weeps.
(c) He is unusually angry that the Tsar and his staff have not had faith in him.
(d) He has expected it all along.

7. How does Napoleon regard Moscow before he and his troops enter the city?
(a) He regards it with deference but is determined to alter as many of its architectural flaws as possible.
(b) He is struck by its strange beauty and unique architecture and wants to give its people a good government.
(c) He looks upon it as a unique city but does not care if its barbaric architecture is saved or preserved.
(d) He is amazed at how crude and unlike European cities it is and wants to raze it and make it like a European city.

8. How does Andrew react when he sees Natasha after they leave Moscow?
(a) He is indifferent to her appearance.
(b) He had just awoken when he sees her and is irritated and confused.
(c) He is very happy to see her.
(d) He is angry that she has intruded on him.

9. Who is sent to the staff quarters to inform them of the fact that the detachment sent to fight the French division encountered the entire army?
(a) Dokhturov.
(b) Konovnitsyn.
(c) Dorokhov.
(d) Bolkhovitinov.

10. Boris is at a ball dancing with Helene at Vilna. Who arrives to speak with the tsar?
(a) Prince Bagration.
(b) Arakcheev.
(c) None of the above.
(d) Balashev.

11. Who stumbles out of the woods to join the Fifth Company before the battle of Krasnoe?
(a) The French corporal who had been nice to Pierre in Moscow.
(b) Tikhon, the peasant.
(c) Mlle. Bourienne.
(d) Ramballe, the soldier who went into Bazdeev's house, and his orderly.

12. What happens when Natasha goes to the Bolkonski's to visit Mary and the old prince?
(a) Mlle Bourienne greets her but is rude to her knowing that the old prince does not favor the engagement. Mary is very welcoming.
(b) Mary meets her and is delighted with how fashionable and charming she is.
(c) Mlle Bourienne greets her and says regretfully that the prince is indisposed and Mary is not at home.
(d) Mary immediately dislikes her, while the prince refuses to see her.

13. Where do the Rostovs go after leaving Moscow?
(a) They go to Otradnoe.
(b) They go to a distant relation of the countess.
(c) They go to an inn near Moscow.
(d) They must stay in a small town fourteen miles from Moscow.

14. How does Kutuzov's staff explain their plan to cut off the French on the road to Smolensk to him?
(a) They detail the plan heavily hoping that he will appreciate their military genius.
(b) They send an envelope with a blank piece of paper in it.
(c) They don't explain anything, but merely tell him they will abide by his request.
(d) They do not communicate with him, they just do it.

15. What does Bagration write to Arakcheev?
(a) He wants Arakcheev to appoint a minister other than Barclay de Tolly.
(b) He is apprising him of what is going on in the campaign.
(c) He wants to change the chain of command so that he is not subordinate to Barclay.
(d) He requests that Arakcheev moves him from under Barclay de Tollys' command even if he is only to command a regiment.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Natasha react when Anatole tells her he is in love with her?

2. After the end of the war, when does Pierre say he will go to St. Petersburg?

3. When Pierre goes to see Andrew after his return from his cure, who is Andrew talking about and what does he say before and immediately after their greeting?

4. Who joins Denisov in his guerrilla efforts?

5. Natasha receives a letter. What does it say and who is it from?

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