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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Julie Drubetskaya gossip about as everyone is preparing to leave Moscow?
(a) Pierre being ridiculous.
(b) Pierre's obvious liking for Natasha
(c) The Rostovs, namely Natasha's quick recovery.
(d) The Rostovs' difficulty in selling their estate.

2. How does Nicholas react to Mary when he arrives at Bogucharovo?
(a) He is too busy to think about her.
(b) He is sorry for her.
(c) He is embarrassed for intruding on her mourning.
(d) He is struck by her eyes and sees this as a romantic situation.

3. Where do the Rostovs go after leaving Moscow?
(a) They go to Otradnoe.
(b) They must stay in a small town fourteen miles from Moscow.
(c) They go to a distant relation of the countess.
(d) They go to an inn near Moscow.

4. Why does Boris speed up his courting of Julie Karagina?
(a) He is madly in love with her and fears if he doesn't propose quickly, he will lose the opportunity.
(b) He is madly in love with her and sees with each visit that she is increasingly receptive to his attentions.
(c) His mother, Anna Mikhaylovna, tells him that Prince Vasili is trying to arrange a marriage between Julie and Anatole.
(d) His leave is ending and he is having trouble finding time to visit with her as he has so much to do.

5. After the battle at Borodino, where does Pierre stay the night?
(a) He goes to one of his nearby estates.
(b) He sleeps in a field.
(c) He returns to Moscow that night.
(d) He sleeps in his carriage.

6. When Andrew goes to visit his family at Bald Hills, he begins to tell little Nicholas the story of Bluebeard and but then stops and begins to brood over something. What is he thinking about?
(a) He is thinking about how sad he is to leave Mary with his father.
(b) He is thinking about Natasha after a recent conversation with Mary which makes him irritable.
(c) He has no remorse for arguing with his father nor tender feeling for his son.
(d) He is thinking about how he will find Anatole and punish him.

7. What does Pierre do when he goes out into the streets of Moscow to find Napoleon?
(a) He rescues a small child and then a young woman.
(b) He gets into a fight with several looters.
(c) He attacks some French soldiers with his dagger.
(d) He gets into a dispute with some looting soldiers and is taken prisoner.

8. When Pierre goes to see Andrew after his return from his cure, who is Andrew talking about and what does he say before and immediately after their greeting?
(a) He is discussing Speranski and how so much of what he did was not really useful.
(b) He is discussing Bagration and that he is extremely valuable in his position.
(c) He is discussing Speranski and says that he has done more good for Russia than anyone else.
(d) He is discussing Kutuzov and that he has the interests of Russia foremost in his decisions.

9. What does Natasha see happening to Mary in the future?
(a) She sees her marrying Pierre.
(b) She sees her living with her as a sister.
(c) She sees her marrying Nicholas.
(d) She has no thought for the future.

10. What has caused Helene's illness?
(a) She has contracted an illness from her reckless behavior with men.
(b) She has angina pectoris.
(c) She has taken too much of a certain drug.
(d) The "inconvenience" of having married two men.

11. What brings about the change in Andrew in Yaroslavl?
(a) He has gangrene and it weakens him so much that he cannot fight it any longer.
(b) He dreams of trying to close a door on death and fails. He no longer fears death.
(c) He gives up on the unpleasant struggle to live as his life has been so painful.
(d) His wound is not improving and infection has set in. He is frequently delirious.

12. How long did the French and Russians not engage in battle after Borodino?
(a) Five days.
(b) Four weeks.
(c) Five months.
(d) Five weeks.

13. What happens to Kutuzov after he sees the Tsar at Vilna?
(a) He goes home and writes his memoirs.
(b) He leaves Russia to retire in a sunny place.
(c) He is sent by the Tsar to act as ambassador to France.
(d) He dies.

14. What sort of man is Rostopchin?
(a) He is a bit brutal with a close eye on how people perceive his actions.
(b) He is a dutiful servant of the Tsar's.
(c) He is a very cruel man who has no regard for anyone.
(d) He is a man who means well and is generally kind.

15. What does Napoleon say to Balashev after dinner about Alexander?
(a) All of the above.
(b) He notes that he is sitting in the same room Alexander had been in four days before as if to indicate his (Napoleon's) superiority.
(c) He says that he will drive all of his enemies out and that they can go to Russia.
(d) He says he doesn't understand why Alexander has surrounded himself with Napoleon's personal enemies.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Helene's mother react to her attempt to get divorced?

2. How does Pierre react to Platon's illness when he is sitting by the birch tree?

3. What torments Natasha when she thinks about Andrew after his death?

4. How does little Nicholas appear at the end of the book?

5. How does Tolstoy view Napoleon's dispositions for the Battle of Borodino?

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