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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the French react to the ringing of bells when they enter Moscow?
(a) They are confused and wonder what the bells mean.
(b) They are joyful at such a pleasant sound thinking that the Russians are welcoming them.
(c) They are pleased to hear them and think that services are still being held even though the city has been conquered.
(d) They are disturbed because they do not know the bells are ringing for vespers.

2. Why is Petya forbidden by his general to take part in Denisov's action when he sends Petya with a dispatch for him?
(a) Petya has disgraced himself with his generous but servile behavior with the rest of his regiment.
(b) Petya disobeys orders and, through his recklessness, disrupts an important skirmish.
(c) Count Rostov has requested that Petya not be in action.
(d) During a previous action, instead of staying back Petya rides to the front of the line and fires a pistol twice.

3. How does Kutuzov react when he hears that the French have left Moscow?
(a) He has expected it all along.
(b) He thanks God and weeps.
(c) He is pleased but still worried about upcoming battles.
(d) He is unusually angry that the Tsar and his staff have not had faith in him.

4. What does Bagration write to Arakcheev?
(a) He is apprising him of what is going on in the campaign.
(b) He wants Arakcheev to appoint a minister other than Barclay de Tolly.
(c) He requests that Arakcheev moves him from under Barclay de Tollys' command even if he is only to command a regiment.
(d) He wants to change the chain of command so that he is not subordinate to Barclay.

5. What brings about the change in Andrew in Yaroslavl?
(a) His wound is not improving and infection has set in. He is frequently delirious.
(b) He has gangrene and it weakens him so much that he cannot fight it any longer.
(c) He gives up on the unpleasant struggle to live as his life has been so painful.
(d) He dreams of trying to close a door on death and fails. He no longer fears death.

6. What is wrong with the prisoner, Sokolov, who is terrified when the French start to march them all out of Moscow?
(a) He has dysentery and is afraid of being left alone in Moscow.
(b) He has fever, is dying, and knows he won't survive the march.
(c) He is badly wounded and knows he won't survive the march.
(d) He is terrified of the French as their demeanor changes when they are given orders to leave.

7. Seven years after the war with France, how is Alexander regarded?
(a) He is looked upon with no respect for his mistakes with Napoleon.
(b) He is highly respected for all the good he has done for Russian since that time.
(c) He is regarded as a sovereign who did his best but his enthusiasm and youth hindered his judgment.
(d) He is well esteemed for his desire to flog the invaders despite the actual outcome.

8. Balashev is sent to meet Napoleon with a letter from Alexander. Who does he meet before seeing Napoleon and how do the meetings go?
(a) He is first met by Murat who is very cordial with him. Then he meets with Davout who extremely rude to him and makes him wait.
(b) He is met by Napoleon's adjutants who are extremely rude to him, and put him in a broken down shed to await Napoleon's arrival.
(c) He is met by Murat who is very pleasant with him and takes him to meet Napoleon.
(d) He is met by Davout immediately but Davout is bored by him, thinks he has more pressing matters and makes him wait to see Napoleon.

9. When Pierre goes to see Andrew after his return from his cure, who is Andrew talking about and what does he say before and immediately after their greeting?
(a) He is discussing Bagration and that he is extremely valuable in his position.
(b) He is discussing Speranski and says that he has done more good for Russia than anyone else.
(c) He is discussing Kutuzov and that he has the interests of Russia foremost in his decisions.
(d) He is discussing Speranski and how so much of what he did was not really useful.

10. Boris is at a ball dancing with Helene at Vilna. Who arrives to speak with the tsar?
(a) Balashev.
(b) None of the above.
(c) Prince Bagration.
(d) Arakcheev.

11. How does Helene's mother react to her attempt to get divorced?
(a) She is upset at first but later determines that Helene is right.
(b) She is happy for her.
(c) She is furious as she has wanted to do the same.
(d) She is unhappy but hopes Pierre will give her a lot of money.

12. Who does Maria Dmitrievna warn Natasha against?
(a) the old Prince.
(b) Princess Mary.
(c) Anatole.
(d) Helene.

13. What happens when Count Orlov-Denisov and his Cossacks try to engage the French?
(a) They fail to surprise the French as the informer is an impostor who has led them into a trap.
(b) They are successful at engaging the French but once the Cossacks take prisoners and collect valuable booty, they won't continue the fight.
(c) They engage the French and smash up the division separated from the rest of the French army.
(d) They arrive where the French are supposed to be but the entire army has joined them and the count looses most of his Cossacks.

14. What does Kutuzov ask Andrew to do after they speak of the old prince's death?
(a) He wants to send him to the frontline of battle.
(b) He wants him to stay with him on the staff.
(c) He wants him to go to the Tsar to explain to him Kutuzov's plans.
(d) He wants to send him to act as intermediary with Arakcheev.

15. Who is the "King of Rome"?
(a) Barclay de Tolly.
(b) Murat.
(c) Napoleon's son.
(d) Davout.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is in the force which comes and liberates Pierre?

2. How does Kutuzov's staff explain their plan to cut off the French on the road to Smolensk to him?

3. Who does Alpatych meet when he goes to Smolensk?

4. How long did the French and Russians not engage in battle after Borodino?

5. Who does Nicholas meet with his squadron when seeking shelter at an inn from the rain?

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