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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Nicholas need to whisper to his wolf hound?
(a) All of the above.
(b) He does not want the wolf to hear him calling.
(c) He doesn't want the other hunts men to hear.
(d) He doesn't want the other hounds to hear him call to his hound.

2. After his proposal to Vera, Berg comes to visit Count Rostov about Vera's dowry. What does the Count say to him?
(a) He brushes off the matter saying he must consult his steward.
(b) He says he is glad Berg is direct and offers him 80,000 rubles in ready money.
(c) He offers him 30,000 rubles in cash and 50,000 rubles as a note of hand.
(d) He likes Berg being business-like about it and then he offers him 20,000 rubles in ready money and a note for 80,000 rubles.

3. Prince Vasili in the beginning of Part 3 is described as...
(a) A scheming man who acts with deliberate premeditation.
(b) A man who plans carefully without regard for the well being of others.
(c) A man who bears no one any ill will but acts in his own interest when opportunity presents itself.
(d) A kindly man who is manipulated by his family.

4. Who is Ilagin?
(a) The Rostovs' uncle who lives near Otradnoe.
(b) The Rostovs' steward who works at Otradnoe.
(c) A distant relative and neighbor of the Rostov's at Otradnoe.
(d) A close family friend of the Rostov's who has a neighboring estate near Otradnoe.

5. With great enthusiasm, Pierre has become a Freemason. What does he write in his diary regarding his pursuit of a more pure life?
(a) He wakes progressively later after drinking and eating to excess, and does nothing.
(b) He struggles to be a good Freemason but still finds the other Freemasons to be better.
(c) He wakes, reads the scriptures, and finds new ways of benefitting his fellow man.
(d) He reads the scriptures and goes about his days but slips back into his old habits.

6. There is a lot of confusion on the bridge as the Russians try to cross it. What is their rush?
(a) The French are firing at them.
(b) They are trying to isolate the French so that the Austrian army will have them cornered.
(c) They want to burn the bridge before the French get to it.
(d) They all want to get across to get their tea.

7. At the club dinner, what is Pierre so preoccupied with that he doesn't hear what is being said to him?
(a) He is reflecting on remarks Catiche has made and an anonymous letter saying that his wife is cheating on him with Dolokhov.
(b) He is angry that Dolokhov, who has no connections, has been made an officer but still lives off Pierre's good will and takes his money.
(c) He is bewildered by all the things people expect of him and wishes he had not inherited such responsibility with his fortune.
(d) He is tipsy with wine and is absentmindedly staring at a candlestick.

8. How does the Emperor receive Andrew's news about the battle?
(a) He is happy to hear news of victory.
(b) He is very upset about casualties in the Austrian army.
(c) He pays virtually no attention to anything Andrew has to say, asking only irrelevant questions.
(d) He listens to what he says, is happy, but seems to be speaking according to a script.

9. How does Nicholas handle his family's financial problems?
(a) He goes to speak to the steward, gets very angry, and kicks him out the door.
(b) Though he comes home to offer support, he is unable to do anything.
(c) He gets upset with his mother for begging him to come back to help when he knows nothing about such things.
(d) He gets upset with his father for mismanaging their estates.

10. What does Pierre do when he goes to St. Petersburg?
(a) He stays in reading Thomas A Kempis, and joins the Freemasons.
(b) He stays home fuming over his recent behavior in Moscow.
(c) He returns to his former behavior of debauchery and drunkenness.
(d) He goes to visit Bazdeev who is ill.

11. Nicholas is told to give a message to the Tsar. What happens after that?
(a) He delivers it to the Tsar who recognizes him and asks Nicholas what the state of battle is.
(b) He goes to deliver it, hears the Tsar has been killed, and rides back to find his squadron.
(c) He hears that the Tsar has been killed so he goes to deliver it to Kutuzov.
(d) He goes to deliver it , hears the Tsar has been wounded, but later finds him alone in the middle of a field unhurt.

12. At the Rostov's, the people gossip about Pierre. What do they say about him?
(a) That he is abusive to his father.
(b) That he is a womanizer.
(c) That he cheats at cards.
(d) That his friends are poorly chosen.

13. Where does Andrew go after leaving Brunn?
(a) He goes to find the French.
(b) He returns to Kutuzov.
(c) He goes to Moscow.
(d) He returns home.

14. Andrew receives a letter from Bilibin. How does he react to it?
(a) He throws it away without opening it.
(b) He throws it away after finishing it.
(c) He is distracted from what is bothering him at home.
(d) He thinks Bilibin is a fool and that his cavalier attitude does no one any good.

15. How does Andrew react when he sees Lise after the birth of their son?
(a) He is filled with remorse by the look on her face.
(b) He is more concerned with the birth of a son.
(c) He is overcome with love for her and their son.
(d) He is filled with overwhelming love for her and for their child but is still unable to express it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Natasha enjoys going into her mother's room at bedtime to talk with her. What do they talk about?

2. What makes Nicholas decide to return home on leave?

3. The Rostovs are celebrating at their home in the very beginning of Book One. What is the reason for entertaining guests?

4. Why does Anna Mikhaylovna want to take Boris to visit Pierre's father, Count Bezuhov?

5. Who does Andrew stay with when he goes to Brunn?

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