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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Nicholas during the battle at Schon Grabern?
(a) He charges at the French, is attacked by them and injured severely.
(b) His horse falls on him, he is injured and runs away from the French coming at him.
(c) He loses his regiment and wanders about looking for them.
(d) He ends up interfering with his regiment's action.

2. Andrew has been taken prisoner by the French. What do they do with him?
(a) They put him on the stretcher but then determine that he is dead and so leave him in the field.
(b) Napoleon sees him, remembers his carrying the Russian standard, and sends him to a hospital.
(c) Napoleon remembers him, so they put him on a stretcher, but steal his icon.
(d) Napoleon remembers him, admires his courage, and sends him to his own doctor to be tended.

3. What dance do Denisov and Natasha do at Iogel's ball?
(a) The mazurka.
(b) The minuet.
(c) The waltz.
(d) The twist.

4. With great enthusiasm, Pierre has become a Freemason. What does he write in his diary regarding his pursuit of a more pure life?
(a) He wakes, reads the scriptures, and finds new ways of benefitting his fellow man.
(b) He struggles to be a good Freemason but still finds the other Freemasons to be better.
(c) He reads the scriptures and goes about his days but slips back into his old habits.
(d) He wakes progressively later after drinking and eating to excess, and does nothing.

5. Why does Prince Bolkonsky insist on teaching Mary geometry?
(a) He wants her to continue his work on his inventions.
(b) He wants her to be an educated woman who is not just schooled in the arts.
(c) He wants the order of mathematics to drive the nonsense out of her head.
(d) He wants her to be brilliant.

6. Where does Pierre go the day after his duel?
(a) He leaves for St. Petersburg.
(b) He goes to visit Prince Andrew at Bogucharovo.
(c) He goes home and stays in isolation for a week.
(d) He goes to his estates in Kiev.

7. Nicholas goes to Tilsit to request a pardon for Denisov. To whom does he initially appeal and how is he received?
(a) He first approaches his general who says he will do all he can to help.
(b) He goes to his general who tells him that Denisov is clearly guilty and must face the consequences.
(c) At first he asks Boris to help him through Boris' general and Boris tells him it would be better for him to apply for the pardon through his commander of the corps.
(d) He first approaches Boris who is happy to help Denisov because of Denisov's connections.

8. How does Pierre feel after the death of his father?
(a) He is angry that his father has not made him legitimate.
(b) He is happy that he will no longer be under his father's scrutiny and judgment.
(c) He is indifferent because his father has not made him a legitimate son.
(d) He accepts it as something that must happen.

9. In the card game with Dolokhov and Nicholas, who wins and how much?
(a) Dolokhov wins 800,000 Rubles.
(b) Nicholas wins 43,000 rubles.
(c) Nicholas wins 4,300 rubles.
(d) Dolokhov wins 43,000 Rubles.

10. Nicholas goes home on leave. How does he react to Sonya?
(a) He is angry that he ever told her he loved her.
(b) He pays no attention to her whatsoever as he has decided that he has grown past their childhood romance.
(c) He is struck by how pretty she is but feels estranged from her.
(d) He is very happy to see her but is uncertain how she feels about him.

11. What is Prince Vasili hoping to achieve by helping Pierre with his duties?
(a) He wants to elevate himself and his family in Russian society.
(b) He is merely doing what he thinks is the right thing; he hopes for nothing.
(c) He wants Pierre to marry his daughter, Helene.
(d) He hopes Pierre will look upon him as his father and give him money to pay his debts.

12. How does Nicholas handle his family's financial problems?
(a) He gets upset with his father for mismanaging their estates.
(b) He gets upset with his mother for begging him to come back to help when he knows nothing about such things.
(c) He goes to speak to the steward, gets very angry, and kicks him out the door.
(d) Though he comes home to offer support, he is unable to do anything.

13. Nichols has returned to his regiment. How does the regiment respond to his arrival and how does he react?
(a) They all run to greet him and he feels as happy as he did at home with his family.
(b) They all are starving and irritable and he is frustrated at the thought of having no provisions.
(c) They are all busy but he is happy to be back with them.
(d) They are all starving and he is happy to have brought provisions to share with them.

14. Natasha goes to her first grand ball. How does it go for her?
(a) At first she doesn't dance but after Andrew asks her, she dances all night.
(b) She finds she does not really like such large gatherings.
(c) She is excited to see all the beautiful people but doesn't want to dance.
(d) She is extremely excited and thrilled but is soon disappointed that no one asks her to dance.

15. Vera and Berg hold their first party. Who comes?
(a) Pierre, the Rostovs, and Berg's superior officers.
(b) The Count and Countess Rostov, the Bezukhovs, Berg's colonel, and Boris.
(c) Pierre, the Rostovs, Boris, a general, a colonel, Andrew, and some others.
(d) The Bezukhovs, Boris, some of Berg's military connections and the Rostovs.

Short Answer Questions

1. How has Pierre's huge inheritance changed him financially?

2. Nicholas brings his friend Denisov with him and excitedly speaks as they approach. What is Denisov's reaction?

3. When Pierre goes to Anna Pavlovna's soiree, he is especially delighted to see...

4. Nicholas goes to visit Boris. How does the visit go for him?

5. How does Prince Bolkonsky react to Prince Vasili and Anatole's visit?

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