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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Princess Mary's "God's Folk"?
(a) They are pilgrims who come to visit her and talk about their pilgrimages, God, and the miracles they have seen.
(b) They are ascetics who come to persuade her that she should become like them.
(c) They are priests who come to talk with her and receive alms and food for the poor.
(d) They are students who come to her to learn of the Gospel and receive food and clothing from her.

2. Nicholas goes home on leave. How does he react to Sonya?
(a) He is struck by how pretty she is but feels estranged from her.
(b) He is angry that he ever told her he loved her.
(c) He is very happy to see her but is uncertain how she feels about him.
(d) He pays no attention to her whatsoever as he has decided that he has grown past their childhood romance.

3. Boris goes to visit the Rostovs. What does he think of Natasha?
(a) He is struck by how pretty she is but she would not be a good match.
(b) He sees her as a bit more grown up but he only visits out of gratitude to the Rostovs.
(c) He is struck by how pretty she is and wants to propose.
(d) He is not interested in her because she is not witty enough.

4. Princess Mary wishes to speak to Andrew before he leaves about a specific request. What is it?
(a) She wants him to carry an icon around his neck to protect him in battle.
(b) She asks him to accept Mlle. Bourienne as her friend.
(c) She wants him to help her get away from their father.
(d) She asks him to forgive his wife.

5. In the card game with Dolokhov and Nicholas, who wins and how much?
(a) Dolokhov wins 43,000 Rubles.
(b) Dolokhov wins 800,000 Rubles.
(c) Nicholas wins 43,000 rubles.
(d) Nicholas wins 4,300 rubles.

6. After the duel, Helene goes to speak to Pierre. What does she say?
(a) She is angry that she will have to hold her head despite being embarrassed.
(b) Pierre is a fool as she thinks Dolokhov is tiresome.
(c) She was upset that he might have been killed.
(d) Pierre is a fool to believe that Dolokhov was her lover, she merely likes his company

7. How does Nicholas handle his family's financial problems?
(a) He goes to speak to the steward, gets very angry, and kicks him out the door.
(b) Though he comes home to offer support, he is unable to do anything.
(c) He gets upset with his father for mismanaging their estates.
(d) He gets upset with his mother for begging him to come back to help when he knows nothing about such things.

8. What happens with Prince Andrew during the battle at Austerlitz?
(a) He runs yelling "Forward, lads!", picks up the fallen standard, and is shot in the head.
(b) He sees the Tsar and requests him to leave the field of battle.
(c) He rides alongside the retreating army ordering them to turn back.
(d) He sees Kutuzov has a head wound and takes him to be treated.

9. What does Pierre do when he goes to St. Petersburg?
(a) He stays in reading Thomas A Kempis, and joins the Freemasons.
(b) He stays home fuming over his recent behavior in Moscow.
(c) He returns to his former behavior of debauchery and drunkenness.
(d) He goes to visit Bazdeev who is ill.

10. What does Count Rostov do when his wife asks him for a large sum of money, 500 rubles?
(a) He ignores her and walks away.
(b) He asks their steward to bring 700 rubles.
(c) He begins to weep because they don't have it to spare.
(d) He gets furious and calls her a spendthrift.

11. Prince Nicholas Bolkonsky believes in only two vices and two virtues. What are they?
(a) Greed and envy and generosity and patience.
(b) Idleness and superstition and activity and intelligence.
(c) Pride and gluttony and humility and temperance.
(d) Illness and remorse and kindness and health.

12. The Tsar goes to Olmutz to review the troops. How does Nicholas react when he sees him?
(a) He is struck by how young the Tsar is and wonders if he is up to his position.
(b) He is unhappy that the Tsar has involved Russia in this war which does not concern them.
(c) He is in awe of him and feels he would do anything for him.
(d) He is happy to see him but is fearful about the coming action.

13. After the affair of the stolen money, why is Nicholas ordered to apologize to his regiment?
(a) He is being used as an example for other troublemakers.
(b) His commanding officer wants to humble him as he thinks he's too proud.
(c) He's been caught with the money.
(d) His accusing a fellow officer of theft could disgrace his regiment.

14. How does Andrew react when he sees Lise after the birth of their son?
(a) He is filled with overwhelming love for her and for their child but is still unable to express it.
(b) He is filled with remorse by the look on her face.
(c) He is overcome with love for her and their son.
(d) He is more concerned with the birth of a son.

15. Who does Tolstoy refer to as Andrew's hero after the battle at Schon Grabern?
(a) General Mack.
(b) Prince Bagration.
(c) Emperor Francis
(d) Napoleon Buonaparte.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Prince Andrew look at as he is driving through a forest that confirms he is feeling that his life has nothing new to offer?

2. What is Maria Dmitrievna's reputation in Russian social circles?

3. Nicholas is patrolling the picket lines. What is a picket?

4. Who joins Nicholas for the wolf hunt?

5. When Pierre goes to Anna Pavlovna's soiree, he is especially delighted to see...

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