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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Andrew goes to Speranski's for dinner What does he think of him and his company?
(a) He is surprised at the conversation but he agrees.
(b) He is disappointed at the company's superficial conversation and criticism of everyone.
(c) He is delighted to be in such interesting and illustrious company.
(d) He is angry at their criticism of people he admires so much.

2. Pierre receives two letters, one from Helene and another form his mother-in-law begging for Helene to come to live with him again. What is his response?
(a) He tells them both that he does not want her to come back.
(b) He reluctantly agrees.
(c) He does not respond, but Helene moves back any way.
(d) He tells them that this is exactly what he has been hoping for but has been too ashamed to ask.

3. Vera and Berg hold their first party. Who comes?
(a) Pierre, the Rostovs, Boris, a general, a colonel, Andrew, and some others.
(b) The Count and Countess Rostov, the Bezukhovs, Berg's colonel, and Boris.
(c) The Bezukhovs, Boris, some of Berg's military connections and the Rostovs.
(d) Pierre, the Rostovs, and Berg's superior officers.

4. Why does Anna Mikhaylovna want to take Boris to visit Pierre's father, Count Bezuhov?
(a) She wants Boris to meet the Count.
(b) She wants Boris personally to thank Prince Vasili, a close relative of Pierre's father, who is also there to see the Count.
(c) She hopes that Pierre's father is well enough to acknowledge Boris if only in his Will.
(d) She wants to ask Pierre's father to lend her money.

5. Andrew observes Prince Bagration in command. What does he notice about his methods of command?
(a) That Bagration is enthusiastic and commanding which excites the men.
(b) That although Bagration does very little and gives few commands, his presence and tact calm and encourage everyone about him.
(c) That Bagration's orders are very well thought out.
(d) That Bagration's orders are random and chaotic.

6. Princess Mary has her hair done in a different style for the guests. How does her father react to her?
(a) He pays no attention to it as he is not interested in such "feminine" things.
(b) He tells her in front of them that he does not approve of it and never to do it again.
(c) He tells her that it is quite becoming.
(d) He gets angry with her and tells her to leave his sight.

7. Who does Andrew stay with when he goes to Brunn?
(a) The Emperor Francis.
(b) General Schmidt.
(c) Prince Hippolyte Kuragin.
(d) Bilibin.

8. Andrew goes to visit Pierre the night after the Bergs party. What does he discuss with him?
(a) His distress that the reforms he is drawing up are slow in materializing.
(b) His love for Natasha.
(c) He is considering going abroad to take a cure and wants to know if Pierre thinks it's a good idea.
(d) He had noticed Pierre's overall melancholy and wants to help him.

9. General Kutuzov does not want his troops to present themselves to the Austrian general in their great coats. Why?
(a) He wants to insult the general by showing he does not care enough to present his troops in the best condition.
(b) He wants to impress on the general how unprepared they are for war.
(c) He wants the general to see how worn out their boots are from marching so far.
(d) He wants the general to see that they are cold.

10. Who does Tolstoy refer to as Andrew's hero after the battle at Schon Grabern?
(a) General Mack.
(b) Emperor Francis
(c) Prince Bagration.
(d) Napoleon Buonaparte.

11. What does Pierre do when he goes to St. Petersburg?
(a) He stays home fuming over his recent behavior in Moscow.
(b) He stays in reading Thomas A Kempis, and joins the Freemasons.
(c) He goes to visit Bazdeev who is ill.
(d) He returns to his former behavior of debauchery and drunkenness.

12. In the card game with Dolokhov and Nicholas, who wins and how much?
(a) Dolokhov wins 43,000 Rubles.
(b) Nicholas wins 4,300 rubles.
(c) Dolokhov wins 800,000 Rubles.
(d) Nicholas wins 43,000 rubles.

13. Dolokhov has been demoted and his superior officers have taken note of his outspokenness. How does the Schon Grabern battle go for him?
(a) His regiment wins their skirmish with the French.
(b) He is badly wounded and unable to continue fighting.
(c) He is killed.
(d) He turns cowardly and hides in some bushes.

14. How does Andrew react when he sees Lise after the birth of their son?
(a) He is more concerned with the birth of a son.
(b) He is filled with overwhelming love for her and for their child but is still unable to express it.
(c) He is filled with remorse by the look on her face.
(d) He is overcome with love for her and their son.

15. Elisabeth talks about going to the country while Andrew is off to war. How does she feel about being with his father and sister?
(a) She is happy and excited.
(b) She is afraid.
(c) She is indifferent.
(d) She is annoyed.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Nicholas handle his family's financial problems?

2. At the Rostov's, the people gossip about Pierre. What do they say about him?

3. After the Council of War before the battle of Austerlitz, Prince Andrew reflects on what is being said. What are his thoughts?

4. After leaving the Bolkonski's home, Pierre considers going home or going out with friends. Andrew has advised against his going out with his friends. Why does he not want Pierre to go?

5. Nicholas goes home on leave. How does he react to Sonya?

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